9 August 2008

This just screams fun, doesn’t it?! I came across this picture here and my first thought was, hey I can do that. And quite honestly, I love it when my brain informs me of this. I’m just a simple girl, with simple tastes but love to find ways to add pizazz to it all!

I’m not sure what colorful concoction is in these white nut and party cups so I’m going with the assumption that it’s Jell-O. Because, seriously, think of the possibilities! I’m talking virgin or spiked Jell-O shots for the adults. It will bring back fond childhood memories (hopefully of the virgin ones!). A unique centerpiece for a dessert table (look at those colors!), perfect decor for children’s birthday parties, display them on a tiered tray as in the photo and pass out to your guests.

If you’re looking for a unique party idea that will have your guests going “wow” and still leave you with enough time to do your nails before everyone arrives…this is it. Bring on the Jell-O folks. Now…what flavors to make?!?!

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