17 February 2009


Here’s a thought.

I found this picture here and it got me thinking. I was thinking about how much I love this whole concept of supper clubs. How much I love that people are gathering and enjoying good friends and good times. How much I love seeing Garnish in action.

Back to my thought. While this photo is from an Asian Persuasion evening, it triggered something in my noggin. Wouldn’t it be fun to serve spaghetti and meatballs in these rounded take out containers?! Just might add a fun saying to a round label too, or maybe my guests’ names. I mean seriously, doesn’t this just call out ‘unexpected fun!’? You may be saying ‘why?’ and I’m telling you…why the heck not?!!

Adults will probably think…’interesting, fun, and why didn’t I think of that’. But I’m guessing that if you served the younger set some spaghetti and meatballs a la Garnish…they’ll feel totally special. And let me explain to you how this translates into a party success domino effect. Children feel special…children feel happy…children don’t pester their parents…grown ups can relax and enjoy their meal…good grown up conversation…grown ups are happy…good times all around!!

Hold the sneezes but please pass the cheese.


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