20 April 2009

Pick a flower

Leave the gardening gloves behind because they won’t be needed to pick these flowers.

What a fab idea for a wedding or party favor. Of course I’m a bit biased as this was the favor at my wedding. Well, not the exact favor…didn’t think to photograph it almost 11 years ago, but you know what I mean!

We’ve put a silk flower on the lid of the white linen embossed box with lid. Arrange on a tray or right on the table at different heights for a stunning visual display. When I got hitched we filled our boxes with mints. We figured everyone could use a little freshening during an evening of whooping it up. But really, the sky’s the limit here! From nuts, to candies, to dried fruit, to beads…the choice is yours. A Mother’s Day buffet table (or any buffet table for that matter) would look gorgeous adorned with these. Simple. Elegant. Easy.

Spring is here. The flowers are blooming. Add a little Garnished flower to your celebration.


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