15 October 2009

Please Use a Coaster

A little while ago Lauren shared with us how she added a little Garnish to her wedding. “What creativity, what style, what a fantastic idea!” I said to myself. I tucked away the email while also saying to myself “don’t forget about to write about it”. My apologies Lauren, it appears I did…it happens!

The fact that I forgot reflects solely on my own brain burps, definitely not Lauren’s talent. So here’s the scoop. The wedding favor, adorable (and useful…love that) coasters also acted as the seating assignment (is there a more official wedding name for that…completely escaping me…brain burp x2) notices for the guests. The coasters were placed inside a glassine bag and then a cute label directed everyone to their seats. Aren’t personalized, unique, and functional wedding favors great?! What a fab idea for a hostess gift as well. You could have a stack handy to grab and go to all your holiday events.

Thanks Lauren. Love the idea. Love the photo. Love the Garnish.

is the word I’m looking for ‘escort card’?!

Garnish + Enjoy

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    Posted by: Allyson on January 11, 2011

  1. This is a great idea. One question, can you stamp the glassine bags without them smudging all over your guests?

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