30 November 2009

Pour Moi?

I know that it is better to give than receive. And in all honesty I do have so much fun giving. But I received a little something in the mail that made me smile, maybe even a little bit giddy. Garnish gal pal Maddie sent my way a super adorable “java wrapz”, with the Garnish logo, that she made. Okay, I can barely thread a needle and look at this stitchery!

So I got to thinking…coffee/tea/hot chocolate and cookies. Um, yum! And what a fun way to spend some time with friends. Have a bunch of holiday cards to address? A stack of gifts to wrap? Sometimes tasks are much less daunting when done with buddies by your side. Plan a date, and get ‘er done. And add a little Garnish to it all with our white cups and lids, small kraft baking mold and send everyone home with a midnight snack in a small bio-pak container adorned with twine.

Enjoy the season, enjoy giving and enjoy your friendships. That’s what it’s all about!

Garnish + Enjoy

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