28 February 2010

dreaming of cookies and cream

Oh, ice cream…how do I love the?!  Let me count the ways.  Buttercrunch, peppermint stick, cookies ‘n cream!

Am holding back from breaking into song in fear of making her cringe.  But seriously, Mickey is oh so fine.  And let me tell you why. She sent us the sweetest note thanking us for everything.  That just made us smile (the ear to ear kind).  Then she also shared that she makes her own ice cream, and the fun and yummy kind.  You know, if I can think it, I will make it, kind.

The white pint sized paper cartons were made for moments like this.  She is now able to store all of her frozen creations in her freezer at once.  And as she puts it, in an adorable way….just like Ben and his buddy Jerry.

But Mickey has a bit of a quandary.  That is, what, oh what, handle should she give these concoctions?  Her husband has taken a stab at it but she feels she needs to go back to the drawing board.  But never fear, because Garnish is here and came up with a suggestion that am currently obsessing over.  An ice cream naming party!

The words ice cream and party in the same sentence are making me all a twitter.  I am sooo going to do this myself and if you’re into ice cream you should too.  Because it just sounds fun (and easy). Gather your creative ice cream loving friends.  Set out an assortment of samplings (nut and party cups would be awesome here).  Equip everyone with a name sheet for each selection.  You could even say a little blurb about each flavor, which might help trigger some ideas for the naming process.  Post all the names and have everyone vote.  Oh my gosh, I love it!  For an orange sherbet with chocolate chips…orange ya glad?!  Ben, Jerry…what do ya think?!

The Olympics are over.  Before we know it we’ll be planning Memorial Day parties.  And ice cream will be bringing smiles, and cooling souls.

And by the way, speaking of twitter, you can now follow us here!

Garnish + Enjoy

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