29 March 2011

Like we said in the previous post, we have to double up this week with our Random Acts of Garnish entries!  Our winner is going to be announced on Friday (by totally random draw!), and we want to make sure we get a chance to show all of the creative ideas!

This is another Random Act committed by Patti.  She left a heartfelt thank you for her housekeeper of twenty years.

What a great idea to rev up that Spring Fever!  Patti used one of our wooden berry boxes to package up some gardening goodies.  Check out Patti’s blog to see all the details.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win a $15 Garnish gift certificate.  All winners will be announced April 1st!

Random Acts of Garnish + Enjoy

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    Posted by: Carol on March 29, 2011

  1. What a cute idea! Great gift for a gardner!

  2. Posted by: Dana on March 29, 2011

  3. What a cute idea with spring just about ready to bloom!!s

  4. Posted by: Jaime Baeza on March 29, 2011

  5. Beautiful idea!

  6. Posted by: angel on March 29, 2011

  7. so excited about spring!

  8. Posted by: Elizabeth on March 29, 2011

  9. I’m loving all the ideas for the berry baskets!

  10. Posted by: r8chel on March 30, 2011

  11. I like how the striped straw is used as a stick for the little note.

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