12 September 2011

We’re pretty sure we’ve told you to “think outside the box” or “to expect the unexpected” before.  But, that’s really what Garnish is all about, creating that moment….that something that makes people go “wow!”, “you shouldn’t have” or “what a cool idea!”.  So if those creative juices are feeling a little slow this Monday morning, we’ve got a suggestion for you!

Instead of sending people home with leftovers after your get together, why not send them home with some treats instead!  How cute are these Rice Krispie treats packaged up in our new rectangular pint berry box?  We just wrapped each one in some of our kraft tissue and tied them up with some bakery twine.  You could even make these part of your table setting….what a perfect look for fall.

Speaking of the unexpected….check out this recipe for dairy free Rice Krispie squares, can you spot the “unexpected” ingredient that makes this recipe better than the original?

Garnish + Enjoy

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