22 November 2011

Looking for a quick and easy gift to bring to your next holiday party (Thanksgiving!).  Here’s a thought, what about chocolate spoons?  They are quick and easy to make.  All you need to do is melt some chocolate and then dip some of our wooden spoons.  Next lay them out to cool on some wax paper or pop them in the fridge.

We added a little something extra with the peppermint sprinkles.  To make the spoons a bit more festive, we stamped the handles with some fun holiday sayings.  You could also personalize them with names, like for your child’s teacher.  Next, put them inside our small cello bag and tie them up with some twine.  So easy!


Garnish + Enjoy

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    Posted by: 52.4 Billion – bosilika an on December 3, 2011

  1. [...] For party favors, try something homemade to keep the costs low and the smiles wide! Ex: Think Garnish’s Chocolate Spoons [...]

  2. Posted by: Shawna on December 5, 2011

  3. What a great idea! Where did you find those spoons?

  4. Posted by: garnish on December 5, 2011

  5. Why right here of course :-) http://www.thinkgarnish.com/store/shop-garnish/woodnt-you-like-to/

  6. Posted by: Shawna on December 5, 2011

  7. I noticed that immediately after posting, and felt pretty silly :-D Thank you!

  8. Posted by: garnish on December 6, 2011

  9. We all have those moments ;-)

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