9 December 2011

16 Days people….that’s right.  Christmas is just around the corner!  Now don’t forget the hardest working man this season…Santa!  Trust us, he will love some Garnish’ed up cookies and milk at your house.  Here’s a spread that we think he will enjoy.

We put some cookies in our flat treat bags.  Be sure to leave more than one.  You know, Santa has some elves helping out that are probably famished too!  And don’t forget a little something for Rudolph, Blitzen, Comet and the others.  Some reindeer food packaged up in our glassine bags is just the thing.  We just printed off the bags on our printer, it was super easy! And we all know that Santa is uber busy on Christmas Eve, so put that milk or hot cocoa into one of our to go cups…I’m sure that sleigh has cup holders!

This made us think of when we were in grade school and living in Switzerland.  We used to leave our shoes by the fireplace with carrots in them.  When Santa came, he would take the carrots for his reindeer and leave us some candy in our shoes to thank us.  What kind of traditions do you have at Christmas?  We would love to hear some of them!

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