20 January 2012

We’ve got a different kind of pantry staple for you today.  Something to pull out on a rainy or snowy day.  We call it a “box o’ fun” (okay…we confess, we stole that line from a five year old!).  All you need is some inexpensive craft supplies to get this one started.

Garnish has a bunch of different sizes of boxes you can use, but we chose our cardboard clamshell and some of our small bio pack containers.  They are easy to stack up in the pantry and are just the right size for filling up with all different sorts of craft supplies.  The best part about this Garnish, is that you can tailor it to whatever your kids are interested in.  Maybe they like dinosaurs or stickers or beading, just fill up your containers with whatever they like.  Then stack them up in the cupboard for those days when they come to you saying…”I’m bored”.  After you make them clean up their room, they can grab a box o’ fun off the shelf and get creative!

Garnish + Enjoy

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    Posted by: Savannah on February 13, 2012

  1. A box of coloring stuff is a MUST! Honestly, gets me through the winter!

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