15 November 2012

First of all…we are so excited that you are enjoying the latest e-mag from Garnish.  We hope that our Garnish Workbook will inspire you to make the everyday special…it’s not just about holidays and birthdays all the time.  We shared a few secrets (number one being…don’t worry about it being home made!) and just know it will be useful to you, whatever the season, whatever the occasion.  Thanks for all the kind comments…we are feeling the Garnish love!

Now, on to today’s idea.  As you may know, we happen to hail from Canada.  So every once and a while we had back to the land of the maple leaf to visit with family and friends. On those trips we always visit Loblaws.  What’s Loblaws you say?  Loblaws (or in some place Superstore, Zehrs or Independent Grocer) is a grocery store.  Not only do they carry the way cool Joe Fresh clothing line (they have a free standing store in NYC, do you think people know you can buy that sweater when you’re picking up some eggs in Canada?), but they also have an amazing brand called President’s Choice.  We have maybe only seen a couple of select President’s Choice items in the United State.  If anyone out there on the internets knows where to buy it, please let us know!  Anyway, back to the story.  They have a wide range of products that include food, housewares and furniture.  We happened upon a cupcake corer, and thought it was the most ingenious thing.  Now, we have done some googling, and apparently these are a thing, but we didn’t know they even existed!



Wouldn’t you know the one we picked up cuts up cake to just the right size to fit in our large push pop!  We were beyond excited.  It’s soooo much easier than using small biscuit or cookie cutters.  Basically you can buy them anywhere from Amazon to William Sonoma, so if you plan on serving up some holiday push pops, it will definitely be worth it.  How yummy would gingerbread cake with some caramel sauce be in those push pops…or even some fruit cake.  The possibilities are endless!

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    Posted by: Sandy on November 15, 2012

  1. I have cupcake corer but hadn’t thought of using it for anything else. I see some push pops in my future. Thanks.

  2. Posted by: Michele on November 19, 2012

  3. I’ve seen President’s choice here in Washington State and Oregon at Fred Myer’s. We love Canadian Supertore-we always stop there when we travel in BC.

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