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15 November 2013

I mean really….who doesn’t love a party?  Whether it’s an impromptu Friday night get together with pizza, or a fancy schmancy holiday shindig…Garnish has everything you need to celebrate!



We admit, we kinda got this idea from the talk show “Live With Kelly and Michael”.  When they do their host chat and trivia questions, they have these confetti sticks that they toss.  Well, you don’t actually throw the stick, just shake it to get the confetti out.  We Garnished it up, of course, using our clear candy tubes.  We used some fun colored sequins that we found in a big tub at the craft store.  We then got out our craft punch and metallic markers and made some tags.  Finally we used rubber bands to attach the tags.  Rubber bands are great because they don’t fall off.  It would be awesome if you could find metallic ones (and if you do, let us know where!).  Now you’re all set for sparkly fun times!

Garnish + Enjoy

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19 July 2013

Let’s just say…when we were six, we would of loved this party!  Christen is a very creative Mom to three boys,  and this ice cream sundae station looks super fun!


photos from Me & My Boys blog


Christen used our ripple no soup for you bowls for the ice cream, and the contessa containers to hold all of the toppings.  For the birthday party favors, Christen jazzed up our small kraft gable boxes.  Check out the full post here on her blog.  Thanks so much for sharing Christen.

How do you Garnish…show us how :-)

Garnish + Enjoy

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10 July 2013

In case you were wondering…our new Bowl Me Over bowls are oven proof!  We baked up some funfetti cupcakes in the 6oz bowls, and they turned out great.



Just a note, these were in a 350F oven for 25 minutes.  They bowls did not discolor or brown in any way, but if you are going to use a warmer oven, be sure to keep an eye on them while they bake.

To make ours bit more festive, we added a ribbon topper using one of our knotted picks.  Now all you have to do is grab a fork and dig in!

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28 June 2013

We love to see how you Garnish, and today we’re showing you how Jenifer, of Hello Love Designs, Garnish’ed a superhero themed birthday party.  How fun are these colors!

photo courtesy of Hello Love Designs and Jennifer Schattle Photography

Jenifer used our small kraft bio packs on which she attached the superhero labels.  She tied the whole thing up with some of our red and white baker’s twine.  Be sure to check out her blog Hello Love Designs for more inspiration.  Thanks so much for sharing Jenifer :-)

Garnish + Enjoy

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24 May 2013

We love getting emails from our customers, showing us how they Garnish.  (we also kinda love the compliments you throw our way too)  So when we got this email from Christina of Something Chic, we wanted to show you a few of her pictures.

Christina used our french fry scoops and no soup for you containers for a vintage Mario Brothers party.  You can check out more of Something Chic on their website.  You will find lots of great inspiration!  Thanks so much for sharing Christina.

If you would like to show us how you Garnish, send us an email at info[at]

Garnish +Enjoy

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16 May 2013

Little boys that is!  They deserve to have a fun, boy themed party take away too.  Whether you’re hoping to keep small hands busy, or just want to give a big thanks for coming to the party, we’ve got a cute idea for you.

Bulldozers, band-aids and scary dinosaurs are packaged up in our cardboard berry basket.  Not only is it super sweet, it’s got a handle for easy carrying. Here’s a hint…to get the handles to stand perfectly upright, just use a hairdryer to heat them up a bit so you can shape them into place.

Garnish + Enjoy

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6 May 2013

We have lots of fun thinking of different ways you can use Garnish.  We try to think “outside the box” and show that a berry basket just isn’t for berries, or our No Soup For You container just isn’t for soup!  Today we have parties on the brain….

It’s hard to come up with new ideas for party favors, especially for the kiddos.  While browsing the dollar bin at Target, we were struck with some fun ideas.  How about sand toys?  Target has some great colors, and they are only 99 cents each!  So much better than candy, right?  The perfect tote for these goodies is our two for the road drink carrier (see…it’s not just for drinks!)  We added a tag that we printed off on the computer, some bubbles wrapped in patterned paper, and this favor is ready for the taking.

What do you like to give out as favors at your parties?  Do you have a go to idea that you want to share?  Tell us how you Garnish…we’d love to hear!

Garnish + Enjoy


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24 April 2013

Pull out your party dress and get ready for some inspiration that is sure to put a spring in your step! (Yes… Spring… finally!) We are absolutely delighted to publish our fourth issue of Garnish * The Magazine. In this issue we celebrate the glamorous life in our typical, easy no-fuss Garnish style.


  • puttin’ on the glitz: don’t wait for a special occasion to gather your friends together for cocktails and conversation. Our how-tos will have you inspired to put on your glad rags as soon as you can!
  • easy-peasy simple chic: black and white with a touch of glitter and practical advice for elegant entertaining (plus we’ll tell you our secrets to a perfect antipasti plate!)
  • printables: you can create elegant invites just like the ones in the magazine with our free printable
  • And as always, you’ll find our full product catalogue at the back, fully linked to our site.

Are you ready to get reading? Grab a coffee, or mug of tea (or a glass of something sparkly, if that’s your style) and dig in:


There are two ways that you can read your Garnish Workbook:

  1. If you’re reading this post on your computer, you can simply open the issuu preview above! If for some reason you have any problems with the preview, you can also get Garnish in our issuu library, here.
  2. If you’d like your own PDF copy of the magazine to read on your computer, or on a mobile device such as a cellphone or iPad, or to print as single pages, you can download it here. Download times will vary depending on your internet speed.
  3. Finally, the printables link is embedded in the PDF, or you can download your printables here.

A few quick words of thanks before we let you get reading. First, thank you to Catherine Choquette, who contributed both her styling and photography skills (she works on this blog, too). Second, Michelle at A Girl Named Fred designed and edited the magazine and brought our vision to life once again. And Alexander Diaz makes another appearance, helping with styling and serving as our oh-so-suave model.

Don’t forget, we’d love to know what you think. Every blog comment, Facebook “like,” pin and tweet helps us get to know you better. We’re always looking for ways to help you bring a smile to the hearts of those you love… that’s what Garnish is all about. So don’t be shy, talk to us!

as always,

Garnish + Enjoy!

PS: Did you miss the last three issues of Garnish? No problem! Check them out here.

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10 April 2013

Do you have a birthday party, shower, pot luck or picnic on the horizon? Why not have some fun with confetti!

We glued some confetti onto our glassine bags and used them as cutlery pouches.  So cute, right?  Or what about sending some favors home in our burlap bags, decked out in confetti of course.  We didn’t use any special tools here…just a hole punch to make our confetti and a glue stick to attach them.  This is a perfect project for the kiddos to get involved in.  So go ahead…have some fun with confetti!

Garnish + Enjoy

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17 October 2012

Are you looking for a quick and easy idea for your next get together?  We’ve got an answer!  What about sending everyone home with your favorite snack.

In this case, we’ve got some pistachios packaged up in our Hip 2B Square geometric dish.  Maybe you make a delish pretzel mix or trail mix.  Or what about some roasted pumpkin seeds…perfect for this time of year.  Whatever it is, your guests will appreciate the gesture (or even your kids for a weekend afternoon)!

What’s your favorite fall snack mix?

Garnish + Enjoy


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