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10 March 2014

This is a Garnish in action by the Garnish gals themselves!  We were cleaning out some of our left over school supplies and thought, why not bring them in for the youngest boy’s classroom.


 Now we could of just handed her the Ziploc bag, and I’m sure she would have been more than happy….but we couldn’t miss a chance to jazz this one up.  We used our large bio pack container and a pretty ribbon for our stash.  Voila!  Not only a practical gift, but a pretty one too. A+


Garnish + Enjoy

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28 January 2014

The Superbowl is this weekend, and that always means the best munchies.  Here are some ideas we’ve had in the past that will work perfect for football, or really any get together at all.



Our Garnish version of nachos, is to give everyone their own serving.  Our baking cups are just the right size for individual portions.  Just load up your nachos the way you want, sprinkle on some cheese.  Then put the baking cups onto a cookie sheet and pop them in the oven.

Who doesn’t love a baked potato?  Just put out all the fixin’s and serve the potatoes in our wooden serving boats.  Yum!

Finally we’ve got a Garnish popcorn bar.  You can put out some toppings in our small ripple cups so your guests can dress up their own servings of popcorn.  Think parmesan cheese, cinnamon sugar or even some flavored oils.  Just use some of our large wooden cones or paper lunch bags to hold this yummy treat.

Now we are definitely drooling…can’t wait for Sunday!

Garnish + Enjoy

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9 January 2014

January 25th is National Soup Swap Day.  Are you planning on hosting or participating in a swap?  Well if you are, we would like to share a few ideas.

If you’re browsing around the Garnish website, be sure to click on OUR IDEAS.  There you will find everything you need to know about hosting a Soup Swap.  You will even find a free download for the label we used on all of the packaging.

Keep checking this space for more fun ideas for Garnish-ing your Soup Swap.  In the meantime, stock up on all of the basics, like Contessa containers, no soup for you paper bowls, some of our paper bags, labels and even some bio pack containers or loaf pans, if you want to include some sides.

Now the only question is….what kind of soup will you be making?


Garnish + Enjoy

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12 December 2013

What’s the perfect last minute gift?  Why a Garnish chocolate spoon for dipping (or just eating the chocolate from the spoon…let’s face facts!)



These chocolate spoons can be made ahead of time, so you can keep them on hand for the last minute gift.  We just melted some candy cane Hershey’s kisses in a bowl in the microwave, then dipped in our spoons.  Put them in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes or so when you’re done so they can harden.  Then simply put them into one of our glassine bags and tie on some twine.  They are just the thing to add to a gift card for your favorite coffee place, or for gifting with some yummy hot chocolate mix.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Garnish + Enjoy

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3 December 2013

It’s that time of year when a little kiddos (and big ones too!) love to watch the Polar Express.  With a wonderful message that the true spirit of the season lies within your heart, it is the perfect movie to watch with your family and friends.

“The bell still rings for me as it does for all of those that truly believe”



Why not make it an extra special event by using a little Garnish!  We used our small bio packs to hold some yummy Polar Express treats.  We mixed together caramel corn, marshmallows and M&M’s, but fill them up with whatever your favorite snack is.  We wrapped each box in some festive scrapbook paper and added a bell, of course!  We served up some hot chocolate in our white paper cups and added a personalized drink cuff for each child.  With some coordinating scrapbook paper and a white label, these are extra special.  We also added a lid and straw to keep the hot chocolate inside the cup!

Besides The Polar Express, we also like to watch Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday and, of course, A Christmas Story.  There are so many great holiday movies…what are your favorites?

**We’ve had some folks ask for the label template. When you place your order make note in the comment section that you would like the “believe template” and we’ll email it on over once your order ships**

Garnish + Enjoy



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27 November 2013

This cookie dough post has been one of our most popular in the past, and it’s still one of our favorites!  It doesn’t take much time to whip up some homemade cookie dough, and we’re pretty sure you already have the ingredients on hand.



Once you’ve made the dough, use a small scoop (or a spoon) and place the dough on a cookie sheet.  Pop the whole thing in the freezer for about an hour.  Then, put all the cookie dough balls into our large no soup for you container.  Add a label for cooking instructions and a pretty bow.  Super simple and waaaay better than another pointsetta or box of chocolates.

Here are two of our favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipies…Martha and Nestle Toll House Cookies

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22 November 2013

This year Hannukah starts at sunset on November 27th and ends nightfall on December 5th.  So whether you are celebrating Hannukah next week, Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving-kah, we’ve got the perfect thing for your guests or your host.


Who special do these mini bottles of champagne look Garnished up in our cello cupcake bags!  Like we always say, Garnish products work a whole bunch of different ways.  We found some blue and silver foil wrapped chocolates that worked with our Hannukah theme.  We tied on some pretty ribbon and added a cute tag we printed off.  Super easy and super fun.

Which ever way you are celebrating…happy holidays!

Garnish + Enjoy

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20 November 2013

We were blown away by the Garnishes on Pizzazzerie!  How fun do these Thanksgiving leftovers look…


photo from Pizzazzerie

Please click here to check out the entire blog post and get some of these free printables for yourself.  Then all you have to do is add them to your Garnishes and you’ve got lots of Thanksgiving fun!   Featured are our mini milk jugs, bio pack containers, ripple paper bowls with lids and our paper take out bag.  Thanks to Pizzazzerie for choosing Garnish :-)

Garnish + Enjoy

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19 November 2013

It’s happening…ONE DAY ONLY…today, November 19th!  Come on by and check it out!

You can find all the info and special products right here.  Have fun!

Garnish +Enjoy

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15 November 2013

We were VERY excited to see Garnish in print his holiday season! So excuse us while we toot our own horn a bit…

 We had Garnishes on four pages of Southern Living Magazine.    Featured are our two for the road drink carrier, cellophane bags, glassine bags and our hip 2b square geometric bowl.  This issue of Southern Living is full of great holiday gift giving, decorating and yummy recipes…so you definitely have to check it out.  A big thank you goes to out to Southern Living for having as much love for Garnish as we do.

We were featured on three pages in All Recipes Magazine as well!

All Recipes shows you how, with a little DIY, you can make these Garnishes your own.  They used our two for the road drink carrier, our wooden berry basket, cellophane bags and our windowed gable box.  Thank you to All Recipes for showing us how you Garnish and including some yummy recipes too.

We’re feeling extremely grateful for all of YOU..without whom we wouldn’t be here to have such lovely features in these magazines. Thank you so much for continuing to think of Garnish and for continuing to cross our welcome mat into our little home.

What are you going to Garnish this holiday season?  Share with us your creative ideas and you just might see them here on our blog!

Garnish + Enjoy

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