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30 January 2014

We would comment on how quickly January has flown by, but it’s been so cold outside, we’re happy to be that much closer to spring!  It also means that Valentine’s Day is on its way! Garnish is the perfect blank canvas for packaging up treats for your sweetheart, classmates and even something for the teacher.



We found this fun heart shape pie mold at Target.  With some ready made pie crust and some yummy cherry filling, these hand pies are perfect for gifting for Valentine’s Day.  We used our kraft treat bags which are just the right size.  We added some paper hearts and trimmed the top with some craft scissors.  How fun would these be for breakfast on February 14th, the kiddos can grab these for the bus ride to school.

Garnish ♥ Enjoy

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28 January 2014

The Superbowl is this weekend, and that always means the best munchies.  Here are some ideas we’ve had in the past that will work perfect for football, or really any get together at all.



Our Garnish version of nachos, is to give everyone their own serving.  Our baking cups are just the right size for individual portions.  Just load up your nachos the way you want, sprinkle on some cheese.  Then put the baking cups onto a cookie sheet and pop them in the oven.

Who doesn’t love a baked potato?  Just put out all the fixin’s and serve the potatoes in our wooden serving boats.  Yum!

Finally we’ve got a Garnish popcorn bar.  You can put out some toppings in our small ripple cups so your guests can dress up their own servings of popcorn.  Think parmesan cheese, cinnamon sugar or even some flavored oils.  Just use some of our large wooden cones or paper lunch bags to hold this yummy treat.

Now we are definitely drooling…can’t wait for Sunday!

Garnish + Enjoy

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9 January 2014

January 25th is National Soup Swap Day.  Are you planning on hosting or participating in a swap?  Well if you are, we would like to share a few ideas.

If you’re browsing around the Garnish website, be sure to click on OUR IDEAS.  There you will find everything you need to know about hosting a Soup Swap.  You will even find a free download for the label we used on all of the packaging.

Keep checking this space for more fun ideas for Garnish-ing your Soup Swap.  In the meantime, stock up on all of the basics, like Contessa containers, no soup for you paper bowls, some of our paper bags, labels and even some bio pack containers or loaf pans, if you want to include some sides.

Now the only question is….what kind of soup will you be making?


Garnish + Enjoy

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10 December 2013

We like to think we are always giving you some new ideas, but lately we had a lot of new visitors to our site, thanks to giveaways and some features in magazines, and we find ourselves wanting to share these oldie but goodies! And even as we go through our archives, we get excited about past ideas.  So forgive us for the repeats, but we still get inspired by them and hope you will too!

The holiday season means it is time for lots of fun drinks and cocktails.  And, it is the only time of year you find eggnog.  We came up with a unique way to serve this festive drink…our plastic milk bottles.

How cute would these be on Christmas morning?  All it took was some red felt, glue dots and a pair of scissors.  We love to use felt because it doesn’t fray on the edges.  Just snip two cuts on the side to slide in your straw.  And you don’t have to limit this to eggnog…you could make up some mimosas for holiday brunch, or apple cider for a skating party. What’s your favorite holiday cocktail?

Garnish + Enjoy

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13 November 2013

You will be the hippest parent on the block when you suggest to your children they host a gingerbread house party. You don’t need to have a birthday to host a kid’s party.



We have a few tips and tricks for you to carry this party off with ease.

  • Build the houses out of graham crackers ahead of time. Use two crackers split in half for the four walls and another split in half for the roof.
  • Cut a cracker-half diagonally, creating two triangles to be used as the gable ends of the roof.
  • Royal icing is an excellent glue to hold everything together. Make a batch and fill plastic bottle containers, which is done easily if you put the icing into a piping bag, or plastic bag snipped on the corner, and squeeze into each bottle.
  • Give each guest a bottle of icing and some double dip white cups filled with candies to decorate their gingerbread house.
  • Provide gingerbread men or other holiday cookies to be decorated.
  • For the trip home, package the gingerbread houses in our frankly my dear windowed gable box. Two houses fit perfectly in one box.
  • Children love anything with their name on it so go ahead and personalize the box using stickers or rub-on letters.
  • Place the gingerbread men along with any other crafts or creations in our hello cello cellophane bags, tie with some holiday ribbon or our in the knick of twine.

This party is so easy and guaranteed to fill your house and heart with laughter and smiles. Just like that, you took a moment, and created a memory.


Garnish + Enjoy

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11 November 2013

There’s something nostalgic and comforting about hot turkey sandwiches in the days following Thanksgiving.  Accompanied by leftover green bean casserole and whipped sweet potatoes…yum!  We focus on all the details for a beautiful holiday table and home.  So why not add the same detail to the leftovers’ packaging?

Sending home a little Garnish will leave everyone with smiles and thankful they swung by your home for the holidays.  The best part, no precarious car ride home, hoping for it to be leak-free.  Garnish containers are intended for food so there won’t be any nasty leaks.  Every little drop of gravy will top your sandwiches, not the floor of your car.

No matter the occasion, if there are to be leftovers, then let them be Garnished!

Garnish + Enjoy

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20 March 2013

We have to confess, we love Easter Brunch!  And it’s even better if you get to enjoy it by keeping little hands busy, right?

Why not leave the kiddos something fun to do while you savor that eggs benedict.  A couple of fun and easy crafts (ie. don’t require parental supervision) in one of our french fry scoops is just the thing.  Whether it’s some dollar store crafts and stickers, little puzzles or something fun to eat, the younger set will enjoy this special treat.  We personalized these with some puffy paint…it is easy to write with and stays put.  Now…go enjoy another mimosa on us :-)

Garnish + Enjoy

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29 August 2012

Yup, the summer has flown by, and it’s the first day of school in our neck of the woods.  Time to start thinking homework, extra curriculars and lunches!  Even if your kids like to eat the same thing everyday (we sure did), you can still make their lunch special.

We used our scalloped labels and glassine bags for this one.  We were inspired by the ruled notebooks that the kids use in the classroom.  Just print of a sheet of labels, leave them in the pantry, and you’re ready to stick them on to some of our glassine bags filled with snacks.  It’s easy, fun and we know your kids are going to give it an A+!

Garnish + Enjoy

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24 May 2012

We love a picnic!  And so many of Garnish products are just made for grabbing a bite outside.  From our gable boxes or bio packs, to our berry baskets or even an old fashioned paper bag….we’ve got you covered.  So we were thrilled when Monica showed us how she Garnished a birthday picnic and a desert picnic!

photos via Homespun Heart


Monica cleverly used our food trays, small ripple cups, paper straws, small plastic bottles, glassine bags, berry baskets and some twine.  We love the way it all turned out, and her color scheme (she is a self proclaimed patriotic color lover)is perfect to inspire you for this Memorial Day weekend. You can check out Monica’s blog posts on Homespun Heart here and here.

Keep sending us your ideas, we can’t get enough :)

Garnish + Enjoy

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25 November 2011

When we were growing up, our Grandmother use to make a graham cracker pie every Christmas.  Now in our family, it is a tradition to make this pie every holiday, or sometimes as a special treat.  We don’t think that our Grand-maman would mind our little Garnish twist on this tradition…

We used our new baking cups to make individual pies, and how fun do they look?  These rigid cups would be perfect for apple pies, crumbles, mini meatloaves or even to hold nuts or candy.  What traditions will you have this holiday?

Garnish + Enjoy

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