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23 June 2010

The arrival of a new baby is glorious.  But let’s face it, they’re needy little suckers.  Fresh out of the gate, so to speak, they require it all.  And our friends and family are always there to bear gifts of teensy clothing, car seats, the boatloads of equipment that a little person requires, and the all important, diapers.  We dote, we ooh and aah at that precious little miracle.  Their every whim, their every need is speedily met.

But what about Mama?!  She has needs too and she’s most likely so busy tending to her little bundle that she has completely spaced out on herself.  That whole pregnancy brain thing, it’s known to linger a little while longer. So what does that Mama need?  She needs food.  Plain and simple. And better yet, she needs someone else to make it for her.  A well nourished Mama is a happy Mama and  a happy Mama leads to a happy family. Sort of like that line from Jerry McGuire – “A happy wife means a happy life.” – or something like that.

Have fun shopping for all things cute for that baby and when you bring it on over, include a little lunch for Mama.  She needs her strength and to Garnish it up is as easy as 1,2,3!

Start with a squat bio pak container.  It won’t leak, can be microwaved and was designed just for this task.  Insert lunch of choice.  Lay the bio pak container in the center of an ever-so-cute tea towel, which she can use to drape across her lap so she doesn’t have to leave her comfy chair.

Bring the sides together like you’re wrapping a present…which you are!

Tie the corners in a knot and tuck disposable wooden cutlery into the knot, because really, do you think she wants to do dishes?!

Trust me when I say, if you bring Mama food, you will have a friend for life.

Garnish + Enjoy

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18 June 2010

Do you hear it?!  The giggles of little ones, the laughter of grown ups.  The lively chatter of folks visiting and catching up.  The squeals of delight as friends and family reunite after a too-long absence. What’s that you ask?! Why, those are the sounds of water splashing, motor boats whirring, and paddles dipping in the lake.

Ahh, the sounds of summer.  The enjoyment of celebrating the 4th of July.  I bet you’re smiling right now just thinking of it all.  And we’ll double down, and bet you’ll enjoy these 4th of July party ideas and inspirations even more.

What’s that noise?  It’s the gentle flap of the flag dancing in the breeze. Red, white, and blue…the colors of Old Glory. And what’s this you see?  A festive party favor for your holiday table.  Candies in a 3x3x3 clear acetate box wrapped in red and white twine.  Imagine a table or tiered stand filled with these. You know how we love us something sweet!

Can you hear the sizzle of the grill?  The cooking mode of choice for an independence day festivity.  The paper chipboard tray is the serving style of choice.  Your hotdogs and sides will rest comfortably here. Burgers and lobster rolls too!  Chopped pickles in the oval dip cups and condiments in the 2oz plastic bottles (thanks to this Garnish customer for that brilliant thought!).  Give your guests a helping hand and put together disposable wooden cutlery and paper straws and a napkin too in the small white paper bag.  A pretty trim of the bag adds to the beauty.

Do brain freezes make a noise?  I don’t know about that, but I do know that everyone loves something cold on a hot summer day.  Make your own snow cones in our white paper cone cup and serve with a wooden spoon. Anything cold will do, sorbet, granita, or freeze juice in ice cubes tray.  Put those frozen cubes in a plastic bag and give it a bang.  That’s what we did and it looks pretty darn yummy!

Crackling, snapping, and maybe a little singing.  The sounds of a campfire.  A favorite way to end the day.  Gathering around the warmth of the flame and watching fireworks or fireflies.  There’s still room in those tummies for a gooey marshmallowy, chocolately treat.  Presenting all the ingredients to make your s’mores in a 4x4x4 white box, and sweet sentiment on a square clear label, will really cap off your holiday right.

We love the sounds of summer and we love the sight of a Garnished one!

Don’t forget to click on a pic if you want to see it in its full glory.

Garnish + Enjoy

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16 June 2010

Nothing better than a Sunday making chocolate chip cookies with my best gal G!  For fear of eating them all myself, I sent them home to mom and dad packaged up in the small cardboard clamshell and a little caramel FDA waxed tissue.

Want to try my favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies…here you go!

Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies – from The New Basics Cookbook by Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins

1 cup plus 2 tablespoons unbleached all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
pinch of salt
8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
6 tablespoons granulated sugar
6 tablespoons (lightly packed) light brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 large egg
1 cup semisweet chocolate morsels

1. Preheat the oven to 375F.  Lightly grease the pans (or use parchment paper or a I do!)
2. Stir the flour, baking soda, and salt together in a small bowl
3. Combine the butter, both sugars, and the vanilla in a mixing bowl, and beat until light.  Beat in the egg.  Slowly add the flour mixture, beating until smooth.  Then stir in the chocolate morsels.
4. Drop the batter by rounded dessert spoonfuls, 3 inches apart, onto prepared baking sheets.  Bake 5 minutes.  Remove the baking sheets from the oven, rap them twice on the counter or stove top, and return them to the oven.  Bake 4 minutes.  Transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool.

Yields 2 dozen

Garnish + Enjoy

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11 June 2010

Today, in one product six ways, we have a looksey at the beauty of the gable box.

Named after Clark Gable, for no particular reason…we just thought he was cute, the gable box offers versatility galore.  The built in handle makes it easy to carry and the simple style adds some powerful eye candy to any situation.

  1. The small gable box offers a nice twist for gift card giving.  Either on the outside, tucked inside a small glassine bag adhered to the front, as shown or on the inside.  You choose the denomination for the gift card, make it look all cute (which doesn’t take much because the gable box is fun on it’s own), and the receiver has the fun of choosing whatever suits their fancy at the shop.
  2. The large white gable box has a multitude of functions but here we’ve shown it being used at a child’s birthday party for the favor table.  It’s nice and roomy so it can hold a bunch of stuff.  Also great to pack the food in for parties too.  Everyone just grabs their box and munches away. Keeps you out of the kitchen, now who doesn’t like that?!
  3. Busy hands make for happy children.  If you’re having little ones at your wedding, family reunion, or just a backyard BBQ supply craft kits in the squat gable box.  They’ll be thrilled they have something all their own and you’ll be thrilled to have time for some grown up mingling.
  4. Take care of those who are taking care of you.  Brides, while your wedding is your big day, don’t forget about those who are sharing in it with you.  Supply your “maids” with a bridesmaid emergency kit filled with items you feel will help them get through the night.  The squat gable box makes for a wedding day worthy presentation. Great for groomsmen too.  Or maybe it’s just some snacks to take to the photo shoot.  A fully belly leads to a happy mind and person!
  5. After a day of traveling, there is nothing better than a little treat awaiting you upon arrival at your hotel.  If your summer has a family reunion on the schedule, provide welcome kits for all those coming from afar. Great for wedding guests too.  Light snacks (don’t forget the striped paper straws) and drinks will save them from the temptation of raiding the hotel’s mini bar. Here we’ve used the windowed gable box and spruced it up a bit by removing the cellophane and adding our own decorative paper.  What a great twist!
  6. A favorite of ours.  The small gable box used as a place card for a table setting.  Pretty scrapbook stickers from the craft store spells out the name (we’re Gleeks, so name of choice today is Beth!) and a sweet surprise or mints inside.  For a conversation starter, put a question in the box.

Frankly my dears…we think the gable box rocks!

Don’t forget to click on the image if you’d like to see a close up of all the gable box’s beauty.

Garnish + Enjoy

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19 May 2010

Trust me when I say this will be a birthday party moment.  How do I know this?  I held this party for a group of 7 year old boys.  At first all I could think was, really…a cooking party?!  And all I could imagine was a destroyed kitchen and quickly calculating the amount of paper towels required to pull off this event.

I was so wrong and this party was, and is, oh so right!

Check out our latest idea for all the details.  It’s name: If They Make It, They Will Eat It, was proven on that 7 year old day.  One of the sous chefs announced, upon his arrival, that he doesn’t eat anything except for peanut butter and jelly.  His mother, nodded in agreement and dismay.  Should make for an interesting day.  But here’s what transpired.  They all had an amazingly great time.  Who knew that squishing tomatoes and preparing meatballs could be so much fun?!  Yes, there might have been a little food fight involved but that’s all in day with boys, right!

I decided to leave the actual stove and oven work to the above 30 18 crowd and sent the boys outside to toss around the ice cream ball they prepped.  Great way to burn off some energy and cream for the cake. When it was time to eat, they dove right in.  Even that little dude who told me he only ate PB&J. After a little encouragement from his buds, he ate everything.  And, he loved it all!

All the boys were sent home with samplings of everything they made to share with their families.  A perfect party favor. They were so proud of their accomplishments.

Get creative in the kitchen.  Grab some Garnish. Give a moment, of the cookery kind.

Garnish + Enjoy

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17 May 2010

It’s May, thus it is Spring.  We’re venturing outside full of vigor. Running through the grass in our bare feet.  Awakening our senses after a long winter’s nap.  It’s time to find the simple joy.  It’s time to smile.  And boy, oh boy, do we have a smile for you.

Amber at Giver’s Log brings us today’s smile.  Her brain is a creative warehouse.  And if you haven’t already discovered her, I suggest you go get lost in her dot com world.  Bring some snacks, you might be there a while.

Think Maypole and now take that concept and turn it into anytime fun and beauty.  That’s what Amber did and the result is brilliant.  Ribbons attached to a wooden dowel, reminicent of the Maypole. Fits perfectly inside a clear candy tube for a stunning presentation.  It’s smallness and portability allow for it’s uses go far beyond the month of May.  A special treat for a picnic, a BBQ, children dancing at a wedding.  Memorial day cookout, 4th of July reunions, birthday party favors.  See what we’re talking about here?!

Imagining the sun our faces, the wind in our hair and ribbons and giggles floating through the air.  Aren’t you?!

Garnish + Enjoy

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12 May 2010

What’s better than a little something sweet?  A little something sweet, that’s cute!

Hmmm, what’s inside that little brown box?  Could it be a slice of cake?  Maybe a pastry…I’m thinking a mille-feuille.  And that fork (how fun with the rub on letters!).  Just staring at you, calling your name to dig on in. Oh great, now there’s potential for drool on the keyboard.

Here you have it, kraft rectangle box + wooden fork + natural bakery twine.  Place a petite loaf liner inside to spruce it up a bit. What are you going to do with it?  Wedding favors, party favors, shower favors.  Share that big cake you made (really, do you need the whole cake?) with those around you.  A great presentation for dessert.  Bring a bite of sweet to that person who you know really needs a smile today. So simple, yet so fun.  A statement, made.

Now, back to what is awaiting inside that box.  Eclair, tiramisu, sponge cake, heavenly chocolate cake…

Garnish + Enjoy

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26 April 2010

There are cookies.  And then there are cookies.  The difference, a talented gal like Erin and of course, a little Garnish.

Now, these cookies with their cute edible frosting decals are pretty amazing.  But when Garnished with a glassine bag or a cellophane bag tied in twine, well now you’re talking!

Aren’t they wonderful?!  A great little nugget of eye candy.  Planning a Mother’s Day Brunch?  Hosting a baby or bridal shower? Thinking wedding favors? Or my favorite reason to Garnish…no real reason at all!  Just because…you like to make people smile.

So go ahead, get your baking on,or slice and bake (for you bakers out there please don’t cringe).  Whip up a batch.  Dole out the smiles.

Hello Cookies.  Hello Frosting.  Hello Garnish.

Garnish + Enjoy

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8 April 2010

No Kitchen Utensils

Every once in a while the comment will pop up – Love Garnish, but don’t love to cook.  To which we reply – You don’t need to cook sweetie, just add a little Garnish and no one will know!  For example, yes, I’ll admit it, there are occasions where I just might have popped by Starbucks or a the bake shop of a grocery store to pick up some treats.  I put my own spin on the Garnish, ’cause that’s what’s so great.  Now, I never offered up that it wasn’t homemade.  I didn’t need to, I had them at the packaging.

No Kitchen Utensils 1

Back in December Garnish participated in a giveaway hosted by The Nester.  We sent her some Garnishes to play with and what she came up with blew our ribbons and bows off.  Here’s a great example.  She spoke about sprucing up hand me down toys, a great budget gift.  She added a little Garnish.  And she was right when she questioned what little boy wouldn’t love to receive some Legos for  his collection when presented like this in our pint sized paper container.

You know what really hit the wow button?  The use of the ribbon on just the lid.  Just the lid folks!  Seriously had never thought of that and am in deep love.  Wouldn’t this be fun for all you ice cream folks out there?  I say put ribbons and bows in the freezer.  Just maybe put a piece of plastic wrap or press and seal on top of the ice cream first so the ribbon stays clean.  Maybe some caramel corn inside, with the same type of ribbon idea. Yummy and cute party favor.

And, no kitchen utensils required!

Garnish + Enjoy

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16 March 2010

woodn't you

Woodn’t you like to do the unexpected?

Woodn’t you like to have them whisper (you’re wow-ness)?

Woodn’t you like to be ecofriendly?

Woodn’t you like a peanut butter cup on a spoon?

Woodn’t you love our new wooden cutlery?!

We would, and we’re pretty sure you would too!

And to put the chocolate on the peanut butter, so to speak, the flat handles of these cutlery pieces are the blank slate for your creativity. We used rub on letters, you can use stamps as well.  Even a good ol’ fashioned Sharpie.  Whatever your creative tool, let the wooden cutlery speak for themselves by adding your own saying.  Whether it’s simply eat, enjoy, family, baby (1+1=2…so cute!), love, the number of the birthday year being celebrated it will be sure to make a statement.

So go ahead, stick a fork in it (or a spoon or knife), Garnish it and simply, enjoy.

Garnish + Enjoy

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