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20 July 2011

We are often asked about the sizes and dimensions of our products.  We recently had an inquiry from one of our customers about which size spoon works best with the 4oz ripple cup.  We think either spoon works just fine, but here are a few recommendations.  If you are serving fruit salad or a pasta salad, we would suggest the larger spoon.  If you are serving ice cream or pudding, the demi-tasse spoon works great.

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5 January 2010

where in the world

We’re often asked the question “I love Garnish, but live outside of North America…what am I to do?”.  And our answer is, “No worries because everyone deserves a little Garnish!”.

Or to put it more simply, YES we do ship to international destinations.  The order process is slightly different but just as easy and here is how it goes.

  1. send us an email with your Garnish wish list and your full shipping address
  2. we’ll put together a shipping quote for you and email you back the order total
  3. if you’re happy with what you see, then let us know
  4. the simplest way to send payment is through paypal sending the monies to
  5. as soon as we receive payment, your Garnishes will pack their bags and be on their way

To give you an idea of past shipping charges here are a few bits of history.  We’ve shipped to Australia for $23, Brazil for $20 and Hawaii (technically not international) for $16.  Since shipping is based on weight it all depends on the contents of that wish list.  We ship via USPS Priority Mail and international orders travel the same way with a shipping time of 6-10 days.

So there you have it.  It’s always good to be in the know.  It’s always nice when things are easy.  It’s always fun to add a little Garnish.

Garnish + Enjoy

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