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16 January 2014

For this post, we were inspired by the Garnishes featured in the January/February 2014 issue of Martha Stewart Living.  We combined a couple of the looks to come up with our own gift for someone who is feeling a little under the weather.



We used our two for the road drink carrier to hold a jar of chicken noodle soup on one side, and some hearty bread on the other side.  We put the mini baguette into one of our glassine bags tied with some black and white bakers twine.  We also used the bakers twine to attach some wooden cutlery to our package.

A big thank you to Martha Stewart Living for continuing to show us how you Garnish and for always giving us some inspiration for our own projects!

Garnish + Enjoy


Take a look at how Martha Stewart Living used Garnish in the January/February 2014 issue…


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20 December 2013

Melissa just sent us an email showing us how she Garnish’ed her 12 year old daughter’s birthday party.



How cute is the idea for cupcakes and ice cream?  Melissa used our small kraft ripple no soup for you containers for the ice cream.  She also used them to hold all the toppings so the girl’s could personalize their own treats.  The mini milk jugs are just the right size to hold the ever important sauce.  Finally, she made sure the girls had our cute wooden demi tasse spoons so they could enjoy their cupcakes and ice cream to go.  Thanks for sharing Melissa, we love to see how you Garnish!

So what are your holiday ideas…do you want to share?  Send us your pictures and you will see them here on our blog :-)

Garnish + Enjoy

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20 November 2013

We were blown away by the Garnishes on Pizzazzerie!  How fun do these Thanksgiving leftovers look…


photo from Pizzazzerie

Please click here to check out the entire blog post and get some of these free printables for yourself.  Then all you have to do is add them to your Garnishes and you’ve got lots of Thanksgiving fun!   Featured are our mini milk jugs, bio pack containers, ripple paper bowls with lids and our paper take out bag.  Thanks to Pizzazzerie for choosing Garnish :-)

Garnish + Enjoy

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7 August 2013

This Garnish comes to us courtesy of Alison at High Cotton Paperie.  How lovely is this housewarming gift.


photo courtesy of High Cotton Paperie

We never knew about this tradition of giving salt, wine and bread as a housewarming gift.  Alison used our contessa container, kraft loaf mold and kraft wine box.  We will definitely be using this idea!  And what’s even better is that Alison included some free printables.

Thanks for showing us how you Garnish!

Garnish + Enjoy

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25 July 2013

We have a super fun Garnish In Action for you today….and it’s got a DIY! Cyd from the Sweetest Occasion let us know that Garnish was featured on their blog.

photo by Studio DIY via Sweetest Occasion blog


How cute does our kraft rectangle box look?  The blog mentions that this is the perfect  idea for new neighbors.  Doesn’t it seem everyone makes a big move in the summer?  It just so happens we happen to have new neighbors ourselves…we might just have to use this idea!

Thanks to the Sweetest Occasion and Studio DIY for letting us know about this Garnish In Action!

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19 July 2013

Let’s just say…when we were six, we would of loved this party!  Christen is a very creative Mom to three boys,  and this ice cream sundae station looks super fun!


photos from Me & My Boys blog


Christen used our ripple no soup for you bowls for the ice cream, and the contessa containers to hold all of the toppings.  For the birthday party favors, Christen jazzed up our small kraft gable boxes.  Check out the full post here on her blog.  Thanks so much for sharing Christen.

How do you Garnish…show us how :-)

Garnish + Enjoy

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28 June 2013

We love to see how you Garnish, and today we’re showing you how Jenifer, of Hello Love Designs, Garnish’ed a superhero themed birthday party.  How fun are these colors!

photo courtesy of Hello Love Designs and Jennifer Schattle Photography

Jenifer used our small kraft bio packs on which she attached the superhero labels.  She tied the whole thing up with some of our red and white baker’s twine.  Be sure to check out her blog Hello Love Designs for more inspiration.  Thanks so much for sharing Jenifer :-)

Garnish + Enjoy

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12 June 2013

We just had to share Jackie’s DIY for our wooden spoons.  Perfect for 4th of July!



Check out the blog Pleasure In The Simple Things for the how-to.  Thanks for sharing Jackie :-)

How do you Garnish?  Send us an email and show us how!

Garnish + Enjoy

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24 May 2013

We love getting emails from our customers, showing us how they Garnish.  (we also kinda love the compliments you throw our way too)  So when we got this email from Christina of Something Chic, we wanted to show you a few of her pictures.

Christina used our french fry scoops and no soup for you containers for a vintage Mario Brothers party.  You can check out more of Something Chic on their website.  You will find lots of great inspiration!  Thanks so much for sharing Christina.

If you would like to show us how you Garnish, send us an email at info[at]

Garnish +Enjoy

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7 March 2013

We just received an email from Tracey letting us know how she Garnish’ed our clear acetate box.  She had a couple ideas, but we thought this one was pretty cool.


image from here

Tracey used our clear acetate box to package us this super sweet mug for her friend’s 31st birthday party.  How fun!  You can check out some more of Tracey’s ideas on her blog here.

Don’t forget to show us how you Garnish!

Garnish + Enjoy

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