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25 October 2013

We love when you show us how you Garnish!  Karen just sent us this picture to show us her version of Garnished s’mores.

Karen used the kraft ripple bowls to hold her fixings.  She also punched holes in the lid of one of the kraft ripple bowls to hold her roastings sticks.  This is a super fun grab n’ go treat!  Thanks for sharing.

So, how do you Garnish?  Drop us a note and show us how.

Garnish + Enjoy

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12 June 2013

We just had to share Jackie’s DIY for our wooden spoons.  Perfect for 4th of July!



Check out the blog Pleasure In The Simple Things for the how-to.  Thanks for sharing Jackie :-)

How do you Garnish?  Send us an email and show us how!

Garnish + Enjoy

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28 May 2013

We were beyond thrilled to have Garnish featured in the June 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  How awesome does our cardboard clamshell look as a take out box.  We think it’s a fantastic idea!

We still can’t believe how our little idea has grown when we see our products in magazines.  We guess you all really like us!  Thanks again to Better Homes and Gardens, and be sure to check out the issue for amazing summer entertaining ideas.

Garnish + Enjoy

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24 May 2012

We love a picnic!  And so many of Garnish products are just made for grabbing a bite outside.  From our gable boxes or bio packs, to our berry baskets or even an old fashioned paper bag….we’ve got you covered.  So we were thrilled when Monica showed us how she Garnished a birthday picnic and a desert picnic!

photos via Homespun Heart


Monica cleverly used our food trays, small ripple cups, paper straws, small plastic bottles, glassine bags, berry baskets and some twine.  We love the way it all turned out, and her color scheme (she is a self proclaimed patriotic color lover)is perfect to inspire you for this Memorial Day weekend. You can check out Monica’s blog posts on Homespun Heart here and here.

Keep sending us your ideas, we can’t get enough :)

Garnish + Enjoy

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9 June 2010

Fresh fruit and vegatables…this is their time to shine.  The crops are planted, farmer’s markets are ready, road side stands prepped.  Nature’s art at it’s finest.

Here’s a great idea from the talented food stylists at Williams-Sonoma.  Fresh fruit as a centerpiece.  We’ve seen it before, it’s nothing really new.  But sometimes when you see it, you just think…well that’s brilliant!

Planning and Independence Day celebration?  Or any gathering where the color red is party of the party scheme?  Here’s a fresh idea with fresh cherries and our pint sized wooden berry baskets.

This is quick, it’s easy and offers a big bang for your buck.

So when life hands you a bowl of cherries, turn them into a simple, yet show stopping, edible centerpiece.

Garnish + Enjoy

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17 May 2010

It’s May, thus it is Spring.  We’re venturing outside full of vigor. Running through the grass in our bare feet.  Awakening our senses after a long winter’s nap.  It’s time to find the simple joy.  It’s time to smile.  And boy, oh boy, do we have a smile for you.

Amber at Giver’s Log brings us today’s smile.  Her brain is a creative warehouse.  And if you haven’t already discovered her, I suggest you go get lost in her dot com world.  Bring some snacks, you might be there a while.

Think Maypole and now take that concept and turn it into anytime fun and beauty.  That’s what Amber did and the result is brilliant.  Ribbons attached to a wooden dowel, reminicent of the Maypole. Fits perfectly inside a clear candy tube for a stunning presentation.  It’s smallness and portability allow for it’s uses go far beyond the month of May.  A special treat for a picnic, a BBQ, children dancing at a wedding.  Memorial day cookout, 4th of July reunions, birthday party favors.  See what we’re talking about here?!

Imagining the sun our faces, the wind in our hair and ribbons and giggles floating through the air.  Aren’t you?!

Garnish + Enjoy

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7 May 2010

…is more friends like Natalie.  While she is not a personal friend (maybe she’ll friend adopt me!), I know that if I was down in the trenches, I would want her right alongside me.  You see, Natalie’s bestie, Jenn, is preggers and has been put on bed rest.  So, since Jenn couldn’t go to a baby shower, Natalie brought the baby shower to her.  Using her girlfriend sneaky ways, she knew the only time that Jenn left the house was to pick her daughter up from school. During that 8 minute departure from home and bed, Natalie snuck in and set up an amazing display of friendship, love, and thoughtfulness.

The celebration took place in the backyard, picnic style.  Wooden pint size berry boxes held the nourishment, small white gable boxes held the treats (aren’t they so cute with the names?!) and, blue and white straws transported the sweet key lime sodas.

If you know someone who needs a little pick-me-up think like Natalie.  I am confident that Jenn’s world was a little brighter that day.  Being stuck at home was a little bit easier.  And her growing bundle did a little happy dance in the womb.

Moments like these…that’s what life is all about.

Garnish + Enjoy

by the way…wouldn’t this make for a fun Memorial Day picnic?!

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