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13 March 2014

Never fails….birthday parties roll around and we can never figure out what to give as a favor.  When the littlest man in the house turned 7, we had a fun idea!



We went to the dollar store, picked up some fun trinkets (and ring pops…Mr. Man’s favorite) and put them all inside our small no soup for you containers.  We made a cute handle using some colorful string.  Just cut a hole in the lid, fold your length of string in half and tie a knot in the end.  Then pull the loop up through the lid.  Finally  we added an oval sticker announcing that Aaron was “headin’ into 7″.

Garnish + Enjoy


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6 February 2014

We had a big dump of snow yesterday, again (have we mentioned that we are SO ready for winter to be over!).  But snow days mean we have time to bake some cupcakes…the perfect Valentine’s Day treat.



We used our cupcake cello bags, of course, to hold these yummies. Here’s a hint, add some fun Valentine’s Day candy to the bottom of the bag to kick this gift up a notch!  Finally, we added a cute tag and some red and white baker’s twine.  Now the problem is, how do we stop ourselves from eating the whole batch?!

Garnish ♥ Enjoy

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28 January 2014

The Superbowl is this weekend, and that always means the best munchies.  Here are some ideas we’ve had in the past that will work perfect for football, or really any get together at all.



Our Garnish version of nachos, is to give everyone their own serving.  Our baking cups are just the right size for individual portions.  Just load up your nachos the way you want, sprinkle on some cheese.  Then put the baking cups onto a cookie sheet and pop them in the oven.

Who doesn’t love a baked potato?  Just put out all the fixin’s and serve the potatoes in our wooden serving boats.  Yum!

Finally we’ve got a Garnish popcorn bar.  You can put out some toppings in our small ripple cups so your guests can dress up their own servings of popcorn.  Think parmesan cheese, cinnamon sugar or even some flavored oils.  Just use some of our large wooden cones or paper lunch bags to hold this yummy treat.

Now we are definitely drooling…can’t wait for Sunday!

Garnish + Enjoy

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9 January 2014

January 25th is National Soup Swap Day.  Are you planning on hosting or participating in a swap?  Well if you are, we would like to share a few ideas.

If you’re browsing around the Garnish website, be sure to click on OUR IDEAS.  There you will find everything you need to know about hosting a Soup Swap.  You will even find a free download for the label we used on all of the packaging.

Keep checking this space for more fun ideas for Garnish-ing your Soup Swap.  In the meantime, stock up on all of the basics, like Contessa containers, no soup for you paper bowls, some of our paper bags, labels and even some bio pack containers or loaf pans, if you want to include some sides.

Now the only question is….what kind of soup will you be making?


Garnish + Enjoy

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20 December 2013

Melissa just sent us an email showing us how she Garnish’ed her 12 year old daughter’s birthday party.



How cute is the idea for cupcakes and ice cream?  Melissa used our small kraft ripple no soup for you containers for the ice cream.  She also used them to hold all the toppings so the girl’s could personalize their own treats.  The mini milk jugs are just the right size to hold the ever important sauce.  Finally, she made sure the girls had our cute wooden demi tasse spoons so they could enjoy their cupcakes and ice cream to go.  Thanks for sharing Melissa, we love to see how you Garnish!

So what are your holiday ideas…do you want to share?  Send us your pictures and you will see them here on our blog :-)

Garnish + Enjoy

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18 December 2013

Did you ever get chance to check out our Spring 2013 issue of Garnish – the magazine?  The glitzy glam cocktail party we featured would be perfect for your New Year’s Eve soiree!



Black, white and gold…a classic mix.  Inside your will find pointers on creating the perfect anitpasti platter, how to mix up some classic cocktails and even a super cute invite that is free for you to download.  Cheers to 2014!

Garnish + Enjoy

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3 December 2013

It’s that time of year when a little kiddos (and big ones too!) love to watch the Polar Express.  With a wonderful message that the true spirit of the season lies within your heart, it is the perfect movie to watch with your family and friends.

“The bell still rings for me as it does for all of those that truly believe”



Why not make it an extra special event by using a little Garnish!  We used our small bio packs to hold some yummy Polar Express treats.  We mixed together caramel corn, marshmallows and M&M’s, but fill them up with whatever your favorite snack is.  We wrapped each box in some festive scrapbook paper and added a bell, of course!  We served up some hot chocolate in our white paper cups and added a personalized drink cuff for each child.  With some coordinating scrapbook paper and a white label, these are extra special.  We also added a lid and straw to keep the hot chocolate inside the cup!

Besides The Polar Express, we also like to watch Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday and, of course, A Christmas Story.  There are so many great holiday movies…what are your favorites?

**We’ve had some folks ask for the label template. When you place your order make note in the comment section that you would like the “believe template” and we’ll email it on over once your order ships**

Garnish + Enjoy



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22 November 2013

This year Hannukah starts at sunset on November 27th and ends nightfall on December 5th.  So whether you are celebrating Hannukah next week, Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving-kah, we’ve got the perfect thing for your guests or your host.


Who special do these mini bottles of champagne look Garnished up in our cello cupcake bags!  Like we always say, Garnish products work a whole bunch of different ways.  We found some blue and silver foil wrapped chocolates that worked with our Hannukah theme.  We tied on some pretty ribbon and added a cute tag we printed off.  Super easy and super fun.

Which ever way you are celebrating…happy holidays!

Garnish + Enjoy

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19 November 2013

It’s happening…ONE DAY ONLY…today, November 19th!  Come on by and check it out!

You can find all the info and special products right here.  Have fun!

Garnish +Enjoy

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15 November 2013

I mean really….who doesn’t love a party?  Whether it’s an impromptu Friday night get together with pizza, or a fancy schmancy holiday shindig…Garnish has everything you need to celebrate!



We admit, we kinda got this idea from the talk show “Live With Kelly and Michael”.  When they do their host chat and trivia questions, they have these confetti sticks that they toss.  Well, you don’t actually throw the stick, just shake it to get the confetti out.  We Garnished it up, of course, using our clear candy tubes.  We used some fun colored sequins that we found in a big tub at the craft store.  We then got out our craft punch and metallic markers and made some tags.  Finally we used rubber bands to attach the tags.  Rubber bands are great because they don’t fall off.  It would be awesome if you could find metallic ones (and if you do, let us know where!).  Now you’re all set for sparkly fun times!

Garnish + Enjoy

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