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19 November 2013

It’s happening…ONE DAY ONLY…today, November 19th!  Come on by and check it out!

You can find all the info and special products right here.  Have fun!

Garnish +Enjoy

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15 November 2013

I mean really….who doesn’t love a party?  Whether it’s an impromptu Friday night get together with pizza, or a fancy schmancy holiday shindig…Garnish has everything you need to celebrate!



We admit, we kinda got this idea from the talk show “Live With Kelly and Michael”.  When they do their host chat and trivia questions, they have these confetti sticks that they toss.  Well, you don’t actually throw the stick, just shake it to get the confetti out.  We Garnished it up, of course, using our clear candy tubes.  We used some fun colored sequins that we found in a big tub at the craft store.  We then got out our craft punch and metallic markers and made some tags.  Finally we used rubber bands to attach the tags.  Rubber bands are great because they don’t fall off.  It would be awesome if you could find metallic ones (and if you do, let us know where!).  Now you’re all set for sparkly fun times!

Garnish + Enjoy

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15 November 2013

We were VERY excited to see Garnish in print his holiday season! So excuse us while we toot our own horn a bit…

 We had Garnishes on four pages of Southern Living Magazine.    Featured are our two for the road drink carrier, cellophane bags, glassine bags and our hip 2b square geometric bowl.  This issue of Southern Living is full of great holiday gift giving, decorating and yummy recipes…so you definitely have to check it out.  A big thank you goes to out to Southern Living for having as much love for Garnish as we do.

We were featured on three pages in All Recipes Magazine as well!

All Recipes shows you how, with a little DIY, you can make these Garnishes your own.  They used our two for the road drink carrier, our wooden berry basket, cellophane bags and our windowed gable box.  Thank you to All Recipes for showing us how you Garnish and including some yummy recipes too.

We’re feeling extremely grateful for all of YOU..without whom we wouldn’t be here to have such lovely features in these magazines. Thank you so much for continuing to think of Garnish and for continuing to cross our welcome mat into our little home.

What are you going to Garnish this holiday season?  Share with us your creative ideas and you just might see them here on our blog!

Garnish + Enjoy

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14 November 2013

With the entertaining season about to be in full swing, it’s fun to think up new and simple ideas that will impress your guests.  Who knew our burlap bag could be so versatile?



Not only is the burlap bag great for holding sweet treats or gift cards, it also makes the perfect holder for all the cutlery on the buffet line, or at a place setting.  We did it up three ways…using easy to find, craft store items.  Stick on jewels and buttons come in all sorts of colors, perfect for the Thanksgiving or holiday table.  We also tried some glitter paint and found that the dark colors works best (we also tested silver, but it was too light).  You can free hand it or use a stencil like we did.  It’s easy, fun and the perfect thing for the kiddos to help out with.  And most importantly….you are creating a special moment for your guests, and that’s what Garnish is all about!

Garnish + Enjoy

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13 November 2013

You will be the hippest parent on the block when you suggest to your children they host a gingerbread house party. You don’t need to have a birthday to host a kid’s party.



We have a few tips and tricks for you to carry this party off with ease.

  • Build the houses out of graham crackers ahead of time. Use two crackers split in half for the four walls and another split in half for the roof.
  • Cut a cracker-half diagonally, creating two triangles to be used as the gable ends of the roof.
  • Royal icing is an excellent glue to hold everything together. Make a batch and fill plastic bottle containers, which is done easily if you put the icing into a piping bag, or plastic bag snipped on the corner, and squeeze into each bottle.
  • Give each guest a bottle of icing and some double dip white cups filled with candies to decorate their gingerbread house.
  • Provide gingerbread men or other holiday cookies to be decorated.
  • For the trip home, package the gingerbread houses in our frankly my dear windowed gable box. Two houses fit perfectly in one box.
  • Children love anything with their name on it so go ahead and personalize the box using stickers or rub-on letters.
  • Place the gingerbread men along with any other crafts or creations in our hello cello cellophane bags, tie with some holiday ribbon or our in the knick of twine.

This party is so easy and guaranteed to fill your house and heart with laughter and smiles. Just like that, you took a moment, and created a memory.


Garnish + Enjoy

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12 November 2013

We are so excited to introduce our Turkey Huntin’ kits. This is our Easteregg hunt-meets bingo-meets-Thanksgiving mashup game.
Hide the paper turkeys. Give the players their huntin’ cards (they’re looking for only the turkeys on their numbered playing card) and send them outside (or around the house if the weather is “fowl”—sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) to burn off some Thanksgiving calories. This is a game the whole family can play.  Sounds fun, right?  We think so…we even made a poem.
It’s time to hide those turkeys, scatter near or far.
Perhaps they’ll hold onto a coin or rest upon a candy bar.
A goodie bag may wait with some or just a special few,
Choice is yours it’s up to you – it’s all in what you want to do.
Now gather up your turkey hunters, it’s time to start the fun.
Divvy up the playing cards and they’ll see just how it’s done.
Hunting only for those turkeys on their card in a row,
Turkey hunters here are there with all their loot in tow!
In the Turkey Huntin’ kits  you’ll get everything you need for 10 hunters: turkeys, playing cards, and the Turkey Huntin’ poem.  Remember…this is a seasonal item, so get them while you still can!  The best part is they are marked down to $19.99!
Garnish + Enjoy
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25 October 2013

We love when you show us how you Garnish!  Karen just sent us this picture to show us her version of Garnished s’mores.

Karen used the kraft ripple bowls to hold her fixings.  She also punched holes in the lid of one of the kraft ripple bowls to hold her roastings sticks.  This is a super fun grab n’ go treat!  Thanks for sharing.

So, how do you Garnish?  Drop us a note and show us how.

Garnish + Enjoy

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23 October 2013

We received an email from Maria, letting us know how she Garnished her wedding.  Check out this beautiful picture!

Here is what Maria said…”Just wanted to send you some photos from my wedding so you can see how beautiful the berry boxes looked!  The wedding was in Bogota, Colombia and how we had some guests coming from abroad we decided to fill the boxes with a typical Colombian fruit called uchuvas. “

Thanks for sharing Maria…and so happy that Garnish could be a part of your special day all the way in Colombia!

Garnish + Enjoy

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17 October 2013

We hope you are enjoying the new Autumn 2013 issue of Garnish – The Magazine.  We have lots of great ideas for you to try and some awesome new products.  Did you see our Boo Kit, Cookie Swap Kit and our  Turkey Huntin’ Kit?

We are so excited to introduce our Turkey Huntin’ kits. This is our Easter egg hunt-meets bingo-meets-Thanksgiving mashup game. Hide the paper turkeys. Give the players their huntin’ cards (they’re looking for only the turkeys on their numbered playing card) and send them outside (or around the house if the weather is “fowl”—sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) to burn off some Thanksgiving calories. This is a game the whole family can play. Sounds fun, right?

Garnish + Enjoy

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4 October 2013

It’s October…and that means Halloween is on it’s way.  While figuring out what your costume is always a challenge (hoping the boy decides on something easier than last year’s “dragon robot”), handing out treats just got easier!

Introducing our Garnish Boo Kits.  Included is everything you need to make giving Halloween goodies a breeze.  Here’s what’s inside….6 medium cello bags with the label attached, 6 pre-cut pieces of black and white twine, 6 custom made boo cards with spider adornment and the instructions you need for putting it all together.

You’ve been BOO’d!

Garnish +Enjoy

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