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25 June 2012

We know that generally we use this blog to show you fun ways to use your Garnishes, and also give you ideas from our customers.  Today we’re going to tell you about something a little different.

This past weekend we had an amazing opportunity to attend a photography and food styling workshop hosted by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers and Béatrice Peltre of Tartine Gourmande.  Béa is a self-taught food stylist, photographer and foodie.  Karen is a stylist, photographer and creator of Sunday Suppers, a cooking class and dining experience in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

We were a group of twelve women who ranged from professional photographers to those just looking to learn something new.  We started our day off at the Union Square Farmer’s Market in Manhattan.  Basically, it’s awesome.  Amazing colors, so many vegetables and fruits!  Along the way Béa pointed out how to think about using different foods and greens when styling our photography.

A quick subway ride later, we were standing in the doorway of Karen’s amazing loft workspace for Sunday Suppers.  It’s not an understatement to say all of our jaws hit the floor when we saw this beautiful light filled space.  I could definitely plant my desk in front of her huge windows and watch the world go by…and the space just makes you want to snap a thousand pictures! Karen and her assistants not only unpacked our groceries from the market, they styled our workstations at the large island.  I didn’t want to touch anything it was so pretty!  We were served a delicious lunch and then got to work on our assignments…creating and styling a strawberry tiramisu and different types of tartines (open faced sandwiches).

It was so amazing to see all of us with our cameras documenting every step, standing on top of tables or crouching on the floor to get the perfect shot.  Béa would give us help tweaking our pictures…adding a strawberry here, turning a plate just a hint or adding some pretty fabric.  Just before we wrapped up, Béa looked at some of our pictures on the computer.  We were able to comment on the photos and learn some tips and tricks about post processing.

It was an awesome experience! Thank you so much to Béa and Karen for putting this workshop together.  I really hope to get a chance to do something like this again.  I met a group of amazing women, and got all kinds of new ideas for Garnish.  Do check out Béa’s blog and her cookbook for some yummy recipes.  Also, if you are in the NYC area, check out Sunday Suppers for their upcoming events.

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5 January 2011

Happy New Year!  We know, we are a few days late with that.  Doesn’t it seem that once January 1st rolls around, we are in a mad dash to get everything back to normal.  Taking down those holiday decorations, unpacking from a vacation or writing out our New Year’s Resolutions?  That last one was a short list for us.  We decided that we would only have one resolution here at Garnish, and that’s to enjoy the everyday…to take pleasure in the small stuff.  (you know it never works when you say you are going to lose 20lbs, or learn a new language, or the twenty other things you put on that list!)

So for our first post of 2011…and our first post of this new decade, we give you this:

Isn’t it amazing how a simple straw can brighten your day?  And with so many months of winter left, a bright blue straw reminds us of lazy summer days hanging by the lake. That’s how we are going to enjoy our day, what will you do with yours?

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15 December 2009

Walk With Me

Come on folks…we’re going on a field trip! Where are we going? Memory lane. This is the story of how Garnish came to be. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

The love (dare I say, obsession) with packaging has been there for many years, but it all came to a head during the holidays of ’06. My youngest of three boys was barely 2 months old and while I birthed him, he birthed in me a huge creative streak. (more…)

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