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19 November 2010

It’s been a while since we have given you a “Six Pack” idea.  With the holidays quickly approaching (Thanksgiving next week!), the acetate box is the perfect thing to get those gift idea juices flowing!

(clockwise from top left) It’s time to start thinking about teacher’s gifts…or the bus driver…or the mailman…it goes on and on.  Show some holiday cheer by packing up some cute Christmas ornaments.  We put these into the large acetate box and tied it all up with some red and white twine.

Aren’t these meringues beautiful? They are so simple and elegant gifted in the small acetate box.  The perfect thing to bring to that last minute get together.

We are always looking for something unique to bring to the hostess that has everything.  If you are lucky enough to have someone else cook your meal this Thanksgiving, why not bring them a unique treasure for their home. We’ve added some caramel waxed tissue and a round kraft label.

Let’s not forget, it’s still football season.  Set out some snacks for the crowd gathering at your house.  The small acetate boxes are just the ticket.  They hold the perfect amount of snacks for all of your guests.

Mmmmm, s’mores!  We’ve shown you this idea before, but it’s such a good one, we had to show you again!  This is the perfect time of year for campfires.  If you are going to have one in your backyard this holiday, just pack up a little s’more pack for each one of your guests.  Of course, they may just want to eat it all up…even without the fire!

We love giving homemade or handmade gifts.  This mug is from a paint your own pottery shop, and these kind of treasures are perfect for grandparents…even aunts and uncles too (okay…let’s face it, just about everybody on your list!).  And wouldn’t you know it, it fits perfectly into our large acetate box.

So now we’re curious….what will you pack up?

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16 July 2010

If you were to ask what one of the top 10 selling products at Garnish is, we’d answer the “do me a favor” glassine bag.  They are so pretty in their simplicity and totally versatile.  You love them, we love them, and here are six different ways you can use them.

  1. Crackers and cheese in a large glassine bag.  Fun for appetizers, picnics or an outdoor soiree.  And if you have folks in your group who don’t enjoy the thought of a community appetizer plate, well than this will definitely be a hit!
  2. Let the sun shine in and the gift shine through.  The medium glassine bag with a gift card tucked in, adhered to a pretty note card.  Well, that’s just plain pretty
  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m terrible at putting music mixes together and love it when others do it for me.  A welcomed favor at a wedding or party, music cd in an extra large glassine bag closed with a bit of twine.
  4. Wondering what to bring your gracious hostess?  How about a stack of coasters in a large glassine bag.  Always needed on warm summer days to protect the tables from those inevitable sweaty drink glasses.  Garnished with twine and nestled in a wooden pint size berry box.
  5. How cute is this?!  Use the small glassine bag as a cutlery holder (of course we are choosing the wooden disposable cutlery and the all so cute straw) which can also double as a place card.  Loving this!
  6. Who says you need to use a regular ol’ envelope for an invite?  Get out a pair of fancy scissors to trim the top and give it a wee stitch and you’ve just created an invite that pops.

Do me a favor, share your favorite glassine bag idea(s).  Click on the pic to see the glassine in all it’s glory.

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25 June 2010

You might have thought that since this pint size wooden berry container is named Berry Berry Quite Contrary, it’s just for berries.  And if you were of that notion, then you must have forgotten that we’re huge fans of multi-tasking.  And here we have six ways, other than the obvious fruit, to use the pint size wooden berry basket.

  1. A picnic lunch.  This idea will just never get old.  No matter what the sandwhich, no matter what the drink…the final lunch box is always adorable.  Here’s a tip.  Prepare all the lunch boxes ahead of time.  Place on a tray, cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge.  When it’s picnic party time arrange on a table or blanket.  More time to spend with your peeps.
  2. Control that clutter.  Tame your craft stations, homework stations, bill-paying stations.  Because, don’t you just feel so much better when everything has a home?!
  3. Give a gift.  While the idea of a gift basket is nothing new.  A gift in this basket will be unexpected and fondly remembered.  The twine adds to it all.
  4. Display your collections.  A different twist for showing off your wares.  Here’s a tidbit…enjoy the natural beauty of the wood or paint, stamp, or decorate to suit your mood.
  5. Movie night snack.  While movies and popcorn go hand in hand I’m thinking candies or nuts would be just as yummy and cute.  Line the basket with a piece of tissue so nothing escapes through the cracks.
  6. Every day ingredients.  Just like the way this looks, plain and simple.

And thus concludes today’s episode of six pack on pint size wooden berry baskets.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the show.   Click on the pic to view the show in full screen mode.

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11 June 2010

Today, in one product six ways, we have a looksey at the beauty of the gable box.

Named after Clark Gable, for no particular reason…we just thought he was cute, the gable box offers versatility galore.  The built in handle makes it easy to carry and the simple style adds some powerful eye candy to any situation.

  1. The small gable box offers a nice twist for gift card giving.  Either on the outside, tucked inside a small glassine bag adhered to the front, as shown or on the inside.  You choose the denomination for the gift card, make it look all cute (which doesn’t take much because the gable box is fun on it’s own), and the receiver has the fun of choosing whatever suits their fancy at the shop.
  2. The large white gable box has a multitude of functions but here we’ve shown it being used at a child’s birthday party for the favor table.  It’s nice and roomy so it can hold a bunch of stuff.  Also great to pack the food in for parties too.  Everyone just grabs their box and munches away. Keeps you out of the kitchen, now who doesn’t like that?!
  3. Busy hands make for happy children.  If you’re having little ones at your wedding, family reunion, or just a backyard BBQ supply craft kits in the squat gable box.  They’ll be thrilled they have something all their own and you’ll be thrilled to have time for some grown up mingling.
  4. Take care of those who are taking care of you.  Brides, while your wedding is your big day, don’t forget about those who are sharing in it with you.  Supply your “maids” with a bridesmaid emergency kit filled with items you feel will help them get through the night.  The squat gable box makes for a wedding day worthy presentation. Great for groomsmen too.  Or maybe it’s just some snacks to take to the photo shoot.  A fully belly leads to a happy mind and person!
  5. After a day of traveling, there is nothing better than a little treat awaiting you upon arrival at your hotel.  If your summer has a family reunion on the schedule, provide welcome kits for all those coming from afar. Great for wedding guests too.  Light snacks (don’t forget the striped paper straws) and drinks will save them from the temptation of raiding the hotel’s mini bar. Here we’ve used the windowed gable box and spruced it up a bit by removing the cellophane and adding our own decorative paper.  What a great twist!
  6. A favorite of ours.  The small gable box used as a place card for a table setting.  Pretty scrapbook stickers from the craft store spells out the name (we’re Gleeks, so name of choice today is Beth!) and a sweet surprise or mints inside.  For a conversation starter, put a question in the box.

Frankly my dears…we think the gable box rocks!

Don’t forget to click on the image if you’d like to see a close up of all the gable box’s beauty.

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28 May 2010

We’re starting a new series here at Garnish where we take one product and show you six possibilities to add a little Garnish.  We’ve named it six pack, and here goes.

The No Soup for You container got it’s name from the love-to-hate-him character from Seinfeld.  However, this beauty’s duties go far beyond just holding soup.

  1. Know someone feeling under the weather?  Give the perfect cure, soup.  Garnish with red and white bakery twine and a disposable wooden spoon.  They’ll be feeling better at first sight.
  2. Looking for a way to display cutlery for a buffet?  This is both pretty and functional.  All the things a Garnish gal/guy loves.
  3. Need a party favor that won’t be trashed?  Pour pieces of Lego into the container and don with a clear square label.  Beautiful!
  4. Who doesn’t love something sweet?!  Let them eat cake, or a cupcake, or whatever suits your mood.  Accompany with a disposable wooden fork and let them dig right in.
  5. Have flowers but don’t know what to do with them?  Use the container as a vase.  It creates a simple and sophisticated centerpiece when they’re lined up down the middle of the table.
  6. Want a way to cool off?  Serve ice cream.  For those who make it yourself, this is perfect.  A great hostess gift, party favor, or good looking dessert bar.
  7. What a number 7?!  No, just wanted to let you know that you can click on the pic to see it larger…for those of us with old ailing eyes.

So there you have it.  Who knew you could have so much fun with No Soup For You?!

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