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23 October 2013

We received an email from Maria, letting us know how she Garnished her wedding.  Check out this beautiful picture!

Here is what Maria said…”Just wanted to send you some photos from my wedding so you can see how beautiful the berry boxes looked!  The wedding was in Bogota, Colombia and how we had some guests coming from abroad we decided to fill the boxes with a typical Colombian fruit called uchuvas. “

Thanks for sharing Maria…and so happy that Garnish could be a part of your special day all the way in Colombia!

Garnish + Enjoy

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2 July 2013

A few months back we attended the wedding of one of our best friends.  Knowing that she loved ice cream more than anything (well, except for the groom of course!), we decided to gift her with her favorite thing!

We gave the happy couple a gift certificate to Jeni’s Ice Cream which we packaged in our large no soup for you container.  Of course, it looked just like a pint of ice cream!  How fun!  We also added in some “Mr & Mrs” ice cream spoons, and a good old fashioned ice cream scoop, which we had engraved with their names and wedding date.  And wouldn’t you know it…the bride and groom thought this was one of the best gifts ever!

Garnish + Enjoy

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8 August 2012

We are always on the lookout for unique favor ideas, whether it’s for a wedding, birthday or shower.  This time, we’re thinking weddings, and we’re thinking it’s about time you went home with something you can actually use!

Everyone loves coffee, and it makes a  unique and inexpensive favor.  And, of course, it looks fab in our tie top bags, labelled with one of our scalloped stickers.  “The Perfect Blend” is just thing to celebrate the happy couple!

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18 June 2012

Sometimes going simple is best.  We were digging through our stamp stash and found this “thank you” stamp we’ve had for years (we purchased this at Paper Source.  They no longer stock this one on their website, but they do have similar ones).

This simple stamp on our kraft rectangle box, makes such a chic statement for a party favor.  We added some of our brown and white twine to finish it off.  There are so many fun stamps available, and they are the perfect way to personalize any of our Garnish products.

Garnish + Enjoy

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3 March 2011

If you are still looking for some inspiration for Random Acts of Garnish you should take a peek at the way some of our products were featured in Non Pareil, an online wedding magazine.  A Girl Named Fred (you know the one who has come up with all of our awesome free printables) was published in this month’s issue, and she included Garnish in her creation.  The article is entitled “A Very Modern Mixer”, and if you’re getting married this summer, or throwing a fabulous shin-dig, there are some great ideas for you to browse!

Don’t our no soup for you containers look fab!  The idea is that each guest gets their own serving of caesar salad, with super yum Parmesan crisp on top.  And what a great way to personalize everyone’s dish, by using some simple rub-on letters on our wooden cutlery!  So easy!

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24 September 2010

Scents are memories. They take us to moments we remember with a smile, a chuckle…a place in time. We remember the smell of our grandmother’s kitchen or the aroma of the dinner at your wedding.

Our homes can be filled with a menagerie of goodness coming from the kitchen. Or it can be filled with something so wonderful, simple, and distinct that your mouth starts doing a little dance.  And in this case, we speak of popcorn. You can’t whip up a batch of popped kernels without bringing on the masses. There’s no hiding it, no keeping it all for yourself. So you might as well share…just make sure you pop extra.

Trade in the sweet table for a salty treat instead. Place out trays of plain popcorn in white food trays for your guest to enjoy. To add a little excitement, serve an assortment of seasonings to garnish those kernels.  Here we have seasoned salts, cajun mixes, and cinammon sugar presented in the 4oz kraft ripple cups and wood serving boat.  The wood demi-tasse spoons keeps everything neat.

We think this would be great fun at a wedding, special celebration or football Sunday. Here are some thoughts, big bowls of plain popcorn (with seasonings on hand), caramel, strawberry glazed…or any of the glazed flavors that match your color scheme. Set out an assortment of small lunch bags or cellophane bags for everyone to take home some crunch.

What do we like about popcorn? Everything!

Garnish + Enjoy

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27 August 2010

Want some inspiration? Sure, who doesn’t. If you have yet to be acquainted with Nonpareil, check it out.  You don’t have to be getting married to pull creativity from a wedding publication.

We’re always blown away with how folks decide to add a little Garnish.  Seriously, we have the most talented customers.  And one of those gals is Tanya from Save the Date for Cupcakes.  She must have a bedazzled thinking cap because her creations are, like, wow!

So here’s the deal.  Tanya submitted her bedazzled-thinking-cap-creations to Nonpareil and of course she was chosen to be in their latest issue.  It’s all about Beautiful Blue.  And how beautiful is the invite she created using our small cardboard clamshell box?! Now, a boxed invite may not be for everyone so here’s how we’re pulling from her inspiration. We’re thinking this would be a lovely presentation for wedding or baby shower favor.  Or how about sitting pretty at a place setting for your next dinner party.  And another idea, a beautiful way to wrap a gift.  See, a wedding source can be so much more than just weddings.

There you have it.  Blue is beautiful.

Garnish + Enjoy

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11 June 2010

Today, in one product six ways, we have a looksey at the beauty of the gable box.

Named after Clark Gable, for no particular reason…we just thought he was cute, the gable box offers versatility galore.  The built in handle makes it easy to carry and the simple style adds some powerful eye candy to any situation.

  1. The small gable box offers a nice twist for gift card giving.  Either on the outside, tucked inside a small glassine bag adhered to the front, as shown or on the inside.  You choose the denomination for the gift card, make it look all cute (which doesn’t take much because the gable box is fun on it’s own), and the receiver has the fun of choosing whatever suits their fancy at the shop.
  2. The large white gable box has a multitude of functions but here we’ve shown it being used at a child’s birthday party for the favor table.  It’s nice and roomy so it can hold a bunch of stuff.  Also great to pack the food in for parties too.  Everyone just grabs their box and munches away. Keeps you out of the kitchen, now who doesn’t like that?!
  3. Busy hands make for happy children.  If you’re having little ones at your wedding, family reunion, or just a backyard BBQ supply craft kits in the squat gable box.  They’ll be thrilled they have something all their own and you’ll be thrilled to have time for some grown up mingling.
  4. Take care of those who are taking care of you.  Brides, while your wedding is your big day, don’t forget about those who are sharing in it with you.  Supply your “maids” with a bridesmaid emergency kit filled with items you feel will help them get through the night.  The squat gable box makes for a wedding day worthy presentation. Great for groomsmen too.  Or maybe it’s just some snacks to take to the photo shoot.  A fully belly leads to a happy mind and person!
  5. After a day of traveling, there is nothing better than a little treat awaiting you upon arrival at your hotel.  If your summer has a family reunion on the schedule, provide welcome kits for all those coming from afar. Great for wedding guests too.  Light snacks (don’t forget the striped paper straws) and drinks will save them from the temptation of raiding the hotel’s mini bar. Here we’ve used the windowed gable box and spruced it up a bit by removing the cellophane and adding our own decorative paper.  What a great twist!
  6. A favorite of ours.  The small gable box used as a place card for a table setting.  Pretty scrapbook stickers from the craft store spells out the name (we’re Gleeks, so name of choice today is Beth!) and a sweet surprise or mints inside.  For a conversation starter, put a question in the box.

Frankly my dears…we think the gable box rocks!

Don’t forget to click on the image if you’d like to see a close up of all the gable box’s beauty.

Garnish + Enjoy

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17 May 2010

It’s May, thus it is Spring.  We’re venturing outside full of vigor. Running through the grass in our bare feet.  Awakening our senses after a long winter’s nap.  It’s time to find the simple joy.  It’s time to smile.  And boy, oh boy, do we have a smile for you.

Amber at Giver’s Log brings us today’s smile.  Her brain is a creative warehouse.  And if you haven’t already discovered her, I suggest you go get lost in her dot com world.  Bring some snacks, you might be there a while.

Think Maypole and now take that concept and turn it into anytime fun and beauty.  That’s what Amber did and the result is brilliant.  Ribbons attached to a wooden dowel, reminicent of the Maypole. Fits perfectly inside a clear candy tube for a stunning presentation.  It’s smallness and portability allow for it’s uses go far beyond the month of May.  A special treat for a picnic, a BBQ, children dancing at a wedding.  Memorial day cookout, 4th of July reunions, birthday party favors.  See what we’re talking about here?!

Imagining the sun our faces, the wind in our hair and ribbons and giggles floating through the air.  Aren’t you?!

Garnish + Enjoy

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12 May 2010

What’s better than a little something sweet?  A little something sweet, that’s cute!

Hmmm, what’s inside that little brown box?  Could it be a slice of cake?  Maybe a pastry…I’m thinking a mille-feuille.  And that fork (how fun with the rub on letters!).  Just staring at you, calling your name to dig on in. Oh great, now there’s potential for drool on the keyboard.

Here you have it, kraft rectangle box + wooden fork + natural bakery twine.  Place a petite loaf liner inside to spruce it up a bit. What are you going to do with it?  Wedding favors, party favors, shower favors.  Share that big cake you made (really, do you need the whole cake?) with those around you.  A great presentation for dessert.  Bring a bite of sweet to that person who you know really needs a smile today. So simple, yet so fun.  A statement, made.

Now, back to what is awaiting inside that box.  Eclair, tiramisu, sponge cake, heavenly chocolate cake…

Garnish + Enjoy

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