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15 November 2013

I mean really….who doesn’t love a party?  Whether it’s an impromptu Friday night get together with pizza, or a fancy schmancy holiday shindig…Garnish has everything you need to celebrate!



We admit, we kinda got this idea from the talk show “Live With Kelly and Michael”.  When they do their host chat and trivia questions, they have these confetti sticks that they toss.  Well, you don’t actually throw the stick, just shake it to get the confetti out.  We Garnished it up, of course, using our clear candy tubes.  We used some fun colored sequins that we found in a big tub at the craft store.  We then got out our craft punch and metallic markers and made some tags.  Finally we used rubber bands to attach the tags.  Rubber bands are great because they don’t fall off.  It would be awesome if you could find metallic ones (and if you do, let us know where!).  Now you’re all set for sparkly fun times!

Garnish + Enjoy

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12 March 2013

Easter gifts don’t always have to be about candy, so why not try something new this year.

How cute are these pencils in our clear candy tube?  We also tied on some fun Easter erasers in our medium glassine bag.  You can always find stuff like this in the dollar bin at Target or Michaels.  Don’t forget to sharpen those pencils before you wrap them up…it makes it easier for everyone!

Garnish + Enjoy

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28 January 2013

Happy Monday everyone!  What do you have in store for the week?  Are you looking for some inspiration for Valentine’s Day?  Well, we have a recap of some of our faves…

Top:  Our version of the “love shack”.  It was super easy to make with wafer cookies.  We also used the rub on letters you can find at the craft store.  Check out the full post here.

Bottom Left: Simple and sweet…conversation hearts and cinnamon hearts in our candy tubes.  Check out the post here.

Middle Bottom: Fancy up some of our paper straws with hearts.  So easy!  Check out the post here.

Bottom Right: This is a DIY.  We traced hands out of construction paper and made a flower.  How fun!  Check out the post here.

Stay tuned, because there will more Valentine inspiration to come this week!

Garnish ♥ Enjoy

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19 December 2011

We are in the final countdown before Christmas…and if you celebrate with stockings, you are probably thinking of things to fill them up with.

Here is a quick and easy idea for Monday morning….why not use our clear candy tubes, they fit a couple of nail files just perfectly!

Garnish + Enjoy



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3 August 2011

With all of your summer entertaining, are you looking for some fresh ideas?  Well, we were trying to think up some unique hostess gifts or a little take away for your guests….and we had an a-ha moment!  Straws + Tubes…equals….very fun!

We found that a dozen straws fits perfectly in our candy tubes.  How fun is that?  Don’t they look cute as part of the place setting….

Or how about sitting out in a pretty container waiting for your guests to take home?  Here is a tip….stack your straws into the lid first, then slide on the tube.  Its the easiest way….and that is what Garnish is all about!

Garnish + Enjoy

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4 April 2011

We know that there are all different kinds of ways to celebrate Easter.  Some of you attend Easter services at your local parish, some of you celebrate with an Easter brunch and an Easter egg hunt….and some of you just celebrate by getting together with family and friends.  Whichever way it is, we hope that our Easter ideas will be a part of your celebration!

For the next two weeks, we will give you some ideas and also show you how to use our awesome printables, that are free with your Garnish purchase, until April 14th.

What child (or even grown-up!) doesn’t love a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt?  It’s hard to imagine when some of us still have snow on the ground, but if it’s too chilly outside, you can definitely have an indoor egg hunt too!  We thought that our clear candy tubes were the perfect thing to hold a list of clues to find all that treasure!

Just fill the tubes with some Easter paper shred, and roll up your sheet of clues to put inside.  You could also fill the tubes up with jelly beans, or another sweet treat, so that your little scavengers have something to munch on, along the way.

We only put a few clues on our sheet….we can’t make it too easy!  Maybe these clues could be for the “golden” eggs, with extra special treasures inside.

Remember, until April 14th, if you make a purchase, just be sure to leave us a message in the comments section at checkout if you would like to get our free printables.  They include, cup wrappers, hang tags, round labels and our Easter egg hunt clue cards.

Check back on Wednesday for another great Easter idea and let us know how you will be celebrating Easter this year.

Garnish + Enjoy

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16 February 2011

We’re back again with another Random Act Of Garnish idea!  This one is so simple to do and will definitely brighten up someone’s day.  We found these cute smiley face gumballs at our local discount store.  If you can’t find something similar, just add multi colored gumballs, because they will be just as fun!  All you need is a clear candy tube and one of our free printables.  Don’t forget to pay it forward by tucking one of our discount codes into your Random Act of Garnish!

Random Act of Garnish + Enjoy

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2 February 2011

Sometimes an idea is so good, you have to post it twice.  We gave you a Valentine spin on the classic gingerbread house last year….and here it is again to remind you how fun it is!

It was so easy to put together.  All you need is a pack of cookie wafers (we found a mixed pack of vanilla and strawberry), some pink icing and candy to decorate it, however you like.  This is such a fun project for kids, and of course, totally edible!  We placed it in our chipboard container for easy transport.  And notice the rub on letters on the candy tube, also a super easy way to personalize your Valentine’s treats!

Garnish + Enjoy

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26 January 2011

We think that the great thing about Garnish is that you can personalize our products with your own special touch.  But every once and while, we like to give you a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing!  Today we’ve got a great how-to, and you don’t have to be super crafty to make it look great.  All you need is some construction paper, scissors, ribbon, tape, a clear tube, some candy and your imagination!

1. First you need to cut out some hand shapes with your construction paper.  If you have little ones in the house, this is the perfect time for them to “lend you a hand”, otherwise, you can find clip art on the internet.  We found that if you used a full adult sized hand, the shapes would be to big.  Here’s a hint for cutting out the hands…fold your paper into quarters before cutting, that way you cut out four shapes at once!  A big time saver!

2. Now it is time for you to attach the shapes onto the clear tube. There is no special technique, we just bent them and used tape.  All you need to do is arrange them so that they look like petals.

3. Finally, you cover all the rough edges with some ribbon.  We also wound ribbon around the tube to make it look extra special.  Now all you have to do is fill it up with your favorite candy.  We used cinnamon hearts, but also discovered that a roll of Sweet Tarts fits perfectly!

Who says you need roses for Valentine’s Day!

Garnish + Enjoy

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31 May 2010

clear plastic tubes + red and white twine + red tissue (and a shredder!) + sparklers = FUN!!!

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