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31 October 2012

First of all, we want to send out a whole bunch of Garnish good vibes to our friends who had to brave Hurricane Sandy.  We hope you are all safe and sound.  We know there was A LOT of devastation on the east coast and our thoughts are with you :-)

Now, on to something a bit more cheery…and easy to do (we love that!).  It’s tape.  We know…you’re thinking we’ve lost our minds, but the new (or old…we might be late to the tape craze) paper tapes or “washi” tapes are all kinds of awesome.

We know there are some super fun patterns out there, but we found our tape at Target, which also means it was inexpensive.  We loved the simple dots and lines and thought it was perfect for our Garnishes.  We used it on our cutlery and coffee clutch, but you could add it to just about any one of our Garnishes.  How cute would it be to add to our glassine or cello bags with your holiday baking tucked inside? (Did we just say Holiday?  Yep, we’re going there folks!)  What we really like about this tape, is that it peels of easily, so if you screw up putting it on, you don’t damage anything.  Cute and goof proof?  That’s our kind stuff!

Garnish + Enjoy

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17 February 2012

This is our final experiment with chalkboard paint, and we think it turned out great.  Here we used our to go cups and coffee clutches.



You could paint up a bunch of coffee cuffs and leave them in the cupboard.  When you want to leave a special message for someone, just slide one on.  And being able to put your name on one of our to go cups will never leave you guessing….which one is mine?  You could use some painters tape to create cool shapes for your chalkboard paint, but we choose to leave some rough edges to ours. Remember, this is only a sampling, you’re only limited by your imagination.  Chalkboard paint would work great on any of our paper products…the french fry scoop, our boxes and what about the berry baskets!  Have fun and create some moments!

Garnish + Enjoy

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21 December 2011

Yikes!  Is it already Wednesday? We are scurrying around trying to get ready for Christmas…but we always have time for a quick post.  And this one is perfect for those last minute gifts.  Appropriately…it involves coffee, which you probably feel like you need a whole pot of by now! Have you picked up some of our coffee clutches?  They are so much fun.

If you are giving out some coffee gift certificates this holiday (cause..who doesn’t love Starbucks!), why not gift them in our paper coffee cups with a personalized coffee clutch.  Whew!  That was a mouthful!  You can stamp the recipient’s name, add some ribbon or why not have your child draw a picture on their teacher’s coffee clutch.  There are so many possibilities, and we promise, they will be quick and easy!

Garnish + Enjoy

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