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29 November 2011

The holiday season means it is time for lots of fun drinks and cocktails.  And, it is the only time of year you find eggnog.  We came up with a unique way to serve this festive drink…our plastic milk bottles.

How cute would these be on Christmas morning?  All it took was some red felt, glue dots and a pair of scissors.  We love to use felt because it doesn’t fray on the edges.  Just snip two cuts on the side to slide in your straw.  And you don’t have to limit this to eggnog…you could make up some mimosas for holiday brunch, or apple cider for a skating party. What’s your favorite holiday cocktail?

Garnish + Enjoy

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4 July 2011

We hope that you are all having an awesome 4th of July weekend!  Today we are re-posting this “What I Like About You” from last summer.  It celebrates the red, white and blue….and all that summer has to offer!

Do you hear it?!  The giggles of little ones, the laughter of grown ups.  The lively chatter of folks visiting and catching up.  The squeals of delight as friends and family reunite after a too-long absence. What’s that you ask?! Why, those are the sounds of water splashing, motor boats whirring, and paddles dipping in the lake.

Ahh, the sounds of summer.  The enjoyment of celebrating the 4th of July.  I bet you’re smiling right now just thinking of it all.  And we’ll double down, and bet you’ll enjoy these 4th of July party ideas and inspirations even more.

What’s that noise?  It’s the gentle flap of the flag dancing in the breeze. Red, white, and blue…the colors of Old Glory. And what’s this you see?  A festive party favor for your holiday table.  Candies in a 3x3x3 clear acetate box wrapped in red and white twine.  Imagine a table or tiered stand filled with these. You know how we love us something sweet!

Can you hear the sizzle of the grill?  The cooking mode of choice for an independence day festivity.  The paper chipboard tray is the serving style of choice.  Your hotdogs and sides will rest comfortably here. Burgers and lobster rolls too!  Chopped pickles in the oval dip cups and condiments in the 2oz plastic bottles (thanks to this Garnish customer for that brilliant thought!).  Give your guests a helping hand and put together disposable wooden cutlery and paper straws and a napkin too in the small white paper bag.  A pretty trim of the bag adds to the beauty.

Do brain freezes make a noise?  I don’t know about that, but I do know that everyone loves something cold on a hot summer day.  Make your own snow cones in our white paper cone cup and serve with a wooden spoon. Anything cold will do, sorbet, granita, or freeze juice in ice cubes tray.  Put those frozen cubes in a plastic bag and give it a bang.  That’s what we did and it looks pretty darn yummy!

Crackling, snapping, and maybe a little singing.  The sounds of a campfire.  A favorite way to end the day.  Gathering around the warmth of the flame and watching fireworks or fireflies.  There’s still room in those tummies for a gooey marshmallowy, chocolately treat.  Presenting all the ingredients to make your s’mores in a 4x4x4 white box, and sweet sentiment on a square clear label, will really cap off your holiday right.

We love the sounds of summer and we love the sight of a Garnished one!

Don’t forget to click on a pic if you want to see it in its full glory.

Garnish + Enjoy

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