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12 May 2010

What’s better than a little something sweet?  A little something sweet, that’s cute!

Hmmm, what’s inside that little brown box?  Could it be a slice of cake?  Maybe a pastry…I’m thinking a mille-feuille.  And that fork (how fun with the rub on letters!).  Just staring at you, calling your name to dig on in. Oh great, now there’s potential for drool on the keyboard.

Here you have it, kraft rectangle box + wooden fork + natural bakery twine.  Place a petite loaf liner inside to spruce it up a bit. What are you going to do with it?  Wedding favors, party favors, shower favors.  Share that big cake you made (really, do you need the whole cake?) with those around you.  A great presentation for dessert.  Bring a bite of sweet to that person who you know really needs a smile today. So simple, yet so fun.  A statement, made.

Now, back to what is awaiting inside that box.  Eclair, tiramisu, sponge cake, heavenly chocolate cake…

Garnish + Enjoy

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18 December 2009


I think sometimes we get caught up with Garnish being all about food. And that is “sew” not the case. Packaging is everything…no matter what’s inside. (more…)

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29 July 2008


Nothing like some summer sunshine to gather the troops and celebrate friendship. Thanks to Alicia for sharing with us her Garnished “Summerfest”. She and her husband are alums of Syracuse University and each summer their gang of fellow alums take turns hosting their summer get together. Sounds like a fabulous time, and idea to me! (more…)

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