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5 January 2012

You know how when you’re in line at the buffet table, and you start to panic because you don’t know how you are going to hold everything in your hands all at once?  Well, we have a solution…cutlery pockets!  They have everything you need, all in one place.

garnish wooden cutlery and paper straws

We used our small kraft bags as our “pocket”.  First we cut the tops off with some fancy scissors so that you could see the cutlery sticking out.  Next, we filled two of our small glassine bags with salt and pepper.  We also stamped on the glassine bags, but if you don’t have stamps, don’t worry…it’s pretty self explanatory what’s inside!  Then we just stacked them on top of each other and stapled them to the kraft “pocket”.  We used one of those no staple staplers because we don’t actually have a normal stapler.  See…Garnish is all about using what you have…no worries!  Finally, we stuffed our napkin, cutlery and straw inside.

Here’s a tip…place your cutlery at the end of the buffet line.  That way your guests are not having to juggle it while trying to load up their plates with food.  This is a perfect idea for when you have a crowd over to watch the big game.

Garnish + Enjoy

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15 December 2011

Today’s post is super fun!  Remember pixie sticks?  Well, you can make your own, and it’s SUPER easy!  And at holiday time they make the perfect stocking stuffer, party favor or present topper.  Here’s how you do it.  Mix one cup of sugar with one package of unsweetened drink mix (like Koo-Aid). Next, get a bunch of our paper straws, fold over one edge of the straw so the filling doesn’t come out.  We made a funnel out of paper to fill our straws, but if you have one that is small enough that would work great.  Finally, fold over the top edge of the straw.  That’s it!



The best thing is that you can make all kinds of flavors!  One cup of sugar will fill up lots of straws, but you can easily adjust the recipe to suit however many you want to make.  And remember, this is a great idea for anytime of year, and really inexpensive.  Could be fun for a birthday party, picnic or even a special treat any night of the week.  What flavors will you be mixing up?

Garnish + Enjoy

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7 December 2011

It’s always fun to server a signature cocktail at your holiday party (or any party for that matter).  Of course, you can always serve the usual wine and beer, but having a themed cocktail prevents you from having to mix up drinks all night!  We used our mini plastic cups to serve up these libations….

To make everything a little bit more festive we rimmed our cups in some colored sugar and added one of our striped paper straws.  This mini size would even been perfect for a glam jello shooter too.  Everything is always so much more fun when you add a little Garnish!  What’s your favorite holiday cocktail?

Garnish + Enjoy

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6 December 2011

Have you heard of Elf On The Shelf?  Do you do Elf On The Shelf with your children?  We have been seeing so many fun ideas with this little elf all over the internet.  So we were thrilled when Monica sent us her way to do Elf On The Shelf…

Monica used so many of our Garnish products….nut and party cups, paper straws, wooden cutlery, ripple cups and white cups.  Here is what she had to say…

Just wanted to let you know I loved the items I purchased from you site. I have two young kids and we are starting a new North Pole breakfast tradition for the morning after we trim our tree. Also a day to introduce our Elf on the Shelf. It was a success and super cute thanks to your products. We had a small cocoa bar, gingerbread muffins, pancakes, and homemade marshmallows. The kids especially loved the ripple cups! My daughter had four cups of cocoa :) Here are a couple of pictures of our table. Thanks again!


We are so happy that Garnish could play a part in a new tradition in your family.  We have always said that Garnish is about creating moments….this is truly what we’re all about!

Garnish + Enjoy

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5 December 2011

Everyone seemed to love our chocolate spoons…so we have another idea.  Take a look at these marshmallows on a stick!  We used our paper straws to do the dipping this time.

We used the same technique as the spoons.  First we melted some chocolate in a bowl.  Then we stuck our marshmallows on the straws and dipped them in the chocolate and some sprinkles.  The marshmallows will melt in your hot cocoa, leaving some yummy, ooey, gooey goodness!


Garnish + Enjoy

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16 November 2011

We love dreaming up the different ways you can use Garnish.  That’s why we like to do some DIY’s for you,not only to give you some new ideas, but hopefully to give you a little inspiration too!

Here is today’s DIY, a different take on our plastic milk bottle, and a fun idea for a party!

1. You will need one of our plastic milk bottles, a paper straw and an electric drill fitted with a drill bit the same size as the straw.  If you don’t have a work table, use a cutting board to drill on.

2. Drill a hole through the plastic lid

3. Insert straw

Hello!!  How easy was that?!  And how cute does it look?

This is just the thing for kids who might spill their drink.  It’s kind of like a fancy juice box!  If you are having a party, why not make your signature drink in these bottles and already have them on ice when your guests arrive.  There are so many possibilities…it just takes a little Garnish!

Garnish + Enjoy

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14 November 2011

No reason to be dreading Monday today….we’ve got a chocolate fix for you!  How fun do our red and white straws look on these chocolate cupcakes?

photo via Wedding Cupcakes

We found these yummy treats on Wedding Cupcakes.  They have lots of fun idea, most of which are perfect for any occasion.  Thanks for the shout out Wedding Cupcakes!

Garnish + Enjoy

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10 November 2011

Here is a quick and easy gift for giving.  It’s perfect for your child’s teacher, bus driver…or even as a hostess gift.  What about some cocoa to go?

Two of our plastic milk bottles fit inside our small rectangle berry basket.  What could be better?  All you need is some ingredients.  We chose some milk and cocoa mix for this gift, but why not some apple cider and mulling spices?  Then we wrote some simple instructions our oval labels, added some straws and dressed it up with a bit of ribbon.  So easy!

Garnish + Enjoy

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19 October 2011

We can’t even handle how CUTE this birthday party is!  Tessa threw this amazing fete for her son’s third birthday.  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a theme for boys that does not involve trucks, dinosaurs or trains!  We love the idea of this sort of “woodland” theme.  And check out how Tessa Garnished it up…

photo via Nine & Sixteen

Even a 3 year old can have a little “chic” on his birthday.  Tessa used our rectangle berry basketswaxed tissue, no soup for you containers, wooden cutlerypaper straws and round kraft labels.  Check out the full post here.  Amazing party Tessa…can we come next time?

Garnish + Enjoy

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7 October 2011

Have you ever heard the song by Suzanne Vega..”Caramel”?  Well, it’s been running through our brain today, and that got us thinking about caramel apples!  The perfect fall treat, and so easy to make.

All you need is some apples, and the caramel that comes in sheets.  You can easily find it in the produce section of your grocery store.  Just follow the directions on the package, it literally takes less than 10 minutes.  Of course, instead of using the wooden sticks that come with the caramel, we decided to use one of our wooden forks and a striped paper straw.  We made up some pretty paper labels on the computer, and wrapped the whole thing up in our glassine bag.  Finish it off with some bakery twine, and you’re done!

So pretty and SO tasty!

Garnish + Enjoy

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