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28 March 2013

Temperatures are warming up and Spring is definitely in the air!  It’s time for some fun with flowers (albeit the faux kind).


We gave some Spring flourish to our paper cones by adding some pretty flowers and ribbon.  Perfect for hanging in the window, a doorknob or anywhere you want to feel a little sunshine.  How about adding some flowers to our white box?  Just punch some holes in the top, add your favorite flowers and some ribbon.  Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift this pretty!

Enjoy your Easter weekend, and pass on those leftover jelly beans to us :)

Garnish + Enjoy

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16 May 2011

Happy Monday everyone!  What is making us happy is that so many of you are sending us your pictures of how you Garnish!  Today we’re going to let you know how Dorangela Garnished her son’s six birthday party.  As you might be able to tell from the title of this blog post, it was a dinosaur theme.

Dorangela used so many of our Garnish products (yippee!!)…berry baskets, glassine bags, paper lunch bags, cello bags, paper cones…and even our wooden cutlery.  Be sure to check out her blog here to see all the amazing ways she Garnished.  Dorangela is even going to posting some of the gluten free recipes she used for her party and tutorials on what she did with our products.  Thanks so much for sharing!

Can you all believe that Memorial Day is right around the corner….time to start thinking about outdoor entertaining…and Garnish has just the products for that.  Stay tuned for some great ideas!

Garnish + Enjoy

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5 December 2010

Did you know that the Hostess Sno Balls has been around since 1947? Well now you do. So tuck that little nugget of knowledge away and pull out when a conversation starter is needed.

The Sno Ball is oh so much more than a little snack cake. As Tanya from Save the Date for Cupcakes shows us, there is much beauty and glam in these treats. The Tomkat Studio added the finishing touch with the graphics.

Oh my, I know you all are thinking clever! (I sure was) and you’re wanting to add these to your holiday parties. All you have to do is take a white paper cone cup, coat in glue and roll in glitter. Now take the kraft wine box, cut holes in the side, wrap in paper and there you have the perfect stand.  Insert glitter cone and add a Sno Ball and you have created the most adorable wintery snowball centerpiece.

Tanya has really demonstrated the whole Garnish philosphy here…it doesn’t take much, just a little Garnish!

Garnish + Enjoy

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18 June 2010

Do you hear it?!  The giggles of little ones, the laughter of grown ups.  The lively chatter of folks visiting and catching up.  The squeals of delight as friends and family reunite after a too-long absence. What’s that you ask?! Why, those are the sounds of water splashing, motor boats whirring, and paddles dipping in the lake.

Ahh, the sounds of summer.  The enjoyment of celebrating the 4th of July.  I bet you’re smiling right now just thinking of it all.  And we’ll double down, and bet you’ll enjoy these 4th of July party ideas and inspirations even more.

What’s that noise?  It’s the gentle flap of the flag dancing in the breeze. Red, white, and blue…the colors of Old Glory. And what’s this you see?  A festive party favor for your holiday table.  Candies in a 3x3x3 clear acetate box wrapped in red and white twine.  Imagine a table or tiered stand filled with these. You know how we love us something sweet!

Can you hear the sizzle of the grill?  The cooking mode of choice for an independence day festivity.  The paper chipboard tray is the serving style of choice.  Your hotdogs and sides will rest comfortably here. Burgers and lobster rolls too!  Chopped pickles in the oval dip cups and condiments in the 2oz plastic bottles (thanks to this Garnish customer for that brilliant thought!).  Give your guests a helping hand and put together disposable wooden cutlery and paper straws and a napkin too in the small white paper bag.  A pretty trim of the bag adds to the beauty.

Do brain freezes make a noise?  I don’t know about that, but I do know that everyone loves something cold on a hot summer day.  Make your own snow cones in our white paper cone cup and serve with a wooden spoon. Anything cold will do, sorbet, granita, or freeze juice in ice cubes tray.  Put those frozen cubes in a plastic bag and give it a bang.  That’s what we did and it looks pretty darn yummy!

Crackling, snapping, and maybe a little singing.  The sounds of a campfire.  A favorite way to end the day.  Gathering around the warmth of the flame and watching fireworks or fireflies.  There’s still room in those tummies for a gooey marshmallowy, chocolately treat.  Presenting all the ingredients to make your s’mores in a 4x4x4 white box, and sweet sentiment on a square clear label, will really cap off your holiday right.

We love the sounds of summer and we love the sight of a Garnished one!

Don’t forget to click on a pic if you want to see it in its full glory.

Garnish + Enjoy

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20 May 2009


snack [snak]
noun: food item eaten between meals purely for the enjoyment of its taste
verb: eat a snack

rockstar [rakstar]
adjective: celebrity status or stardom

cupcakes&cutlery [fabulosity]
…and folks who created and shared this idea

Garnish [packaging this moment]
white paper cone cup
small white paper bags

Excuse me please, I feel the sudden need to crank up the tunage and grab me some snacks!

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13 March 2009


Early on it was rice. Then it moved to confetti. Bubbles were soon to follow. Eco-friendly brought bird seed. Now, I’m thinking…feathers, because…well…why not?!

Throwing stuff at a newly married couple isn’t intended to have all their photos look like they are cowering from cannon balls. It’s actually a symbol of abundance and good fortune. Now and days, many venues have balked at said tradition because the clean up is too time consuming. And chances are that the 3pm wedding will have some leftovers from the prior noon wedding. (more…)

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8 September 2008


I love crafts. Well, let me re-phrase that…I love kid crafts. The simplicity (which is right up my alley…there ain’t that much talent here), the nostalgia of the innocence of childhood, the reveling of your creation. I have realized that if you put youngsters together (and this works for adults too!) and keep their hands busy all of a sudden their mouths and minds open up and you can have the best conversations with your little ones. Gotta love those win-win situations! (more…)

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17 August 2008



Recently I shared with you how two wedding celebrations were Garnished. I now have some photos to accompany those stories and sometimes pictures speak better than words.

Tara’s tale of Garnish was mentioned here. Thanks to her friend’s blog, I have this picture to share of her bridesmaids’ goodie boxes to help them get through the morning preparations. I thought this was a great way to show your girls how much you care. I think the comment posted on the blog says it best. “I thought the goodie bag idea for the girls in the wedding party was awesome. It’s usually thought of the bride’s day, but she actually thought of the girls’ comfort too.”

Susan’s daughter’s wedding guests (mentioned here) were treated to a late night snack of french fries served in our paper cone cups adorned with some polka dot paper. Love the idea, love the fries, love the photo! Thanks to Amy Raab Photography for sharing the amazing shot.

Keep the feedback and ideas coming!

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16 July 2008


Baby it’s hot outside! And when it’s hot like this there is only one thing on my mind…ice cream.

But now I’m left with the dilemma of which kind to have. So many choices and I want them all. So I say, have your ice cream and eat it too! (more…)

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27 June 2008

When those late night munchies hit, what do you do? For me, I decide if it is something salty or sweet I am craving. Or, I try and be a good girl and close the door on that munchie beast. Sometimes those hunger pangs can occur at the most inconvenient time, for example, when there is no food in sight! If you’re having a wedding reception, or any party for that matter that could go into the night, don’t forget to keep that food coming for your guests. All the dancing and merriment will have them working up an appetite (even after that lavish meal) in no time at all.

Thank you to Garnish gal, Susan, for sharing with us her brilliant idea to satisfy the late night munchies at her daughter’s wedding. I can’t think of a better snack…french fries (oh, I can smell the know!) and cokes! She used the paper cone cups to serve the fries along with the cocktail forks to help keep her guests’ fingers clean. Susan kicked things up a notch by wrapping the cups in pretty pink polka dot paper. For the presentation of all this brilliance, each cone was placed in a votive that was half filled with dried green peas. The votives were then placed in a basket. I can just imagine how cute the pink and green looked together. This wedding took place on the Eastern Shore of Maryland so for further personalization, the fries were seasoned with Old Bay.

Susan promised pictures once the photographer has the proofs ready but this idea was just too fantastic to wait!

How do you like your fries? Me, a dollop of European mayonnaise on twice fried fries is pure decadence!

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