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30 April 2012

Here are the Mother’s Day ideas that we posted last year.  We thought you would enjoy a little extra inspiration with this Mother’s Day brunch.  Remember, this is also a great idea for a bridal or baby shower, or even just a lovely Sunday afternoon.  Add some mint juleps, and you’ve got a get together for the Kentucky Derby this weekend!

Not Always What It Seems

It’s Got To Be 5 O’Clock Somewhere!

We Heart Moms

Just a note, the free printables that we offered last year with our Mother’s Day promotion are no longer available.  Don’t worry, we will have something fun to offer you in the upcoming weeks!

Garnish + Enjoy

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16 April 2012

We would just like to thank everyone for their kind comments, shout-outs and praise of our new Garnish – the magazine.  We’re so glad that you liked it and we hope that it will inspire to make the most of the little celebrations we have everyday.  We hope that we can show you that it’s always easy to add a little Garnish! ♥

This is a perfect lead in to today’s post…all about Cinco de Mayo.  Who doesn’t love a Mexican fiesta?  We sure do, and we’ve got some ideas for you.  What about guacamole shooters?

For this idea we used store bought guacamole.  We just happened to pick up Wholly Guacamole brand because it was available at our local Target.  And what’s even better is that it comes in a plastic bag, so it makes it so much easier to fill our mini plastic push pops.  Simply just cut off a small corner of the bag and pipe it in.  If you are using another kind of guacamole, you can just fill a plastic baggie and then cut the corner off to fill up the push pops.

Next we lined one of our pint size berry baskets with some red tissue and filled it up with tortilla chips.  Stick in your guacamole shooter and you’ve got an awesome snack.  You could even add a push pop filled with sour cream or salsa.  Olé!

We will back on Wednesday with some inspiration for your fiesta!

Garnish + Enjoy

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2 April 2012

According to Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, it’s National Baking Week.  What better way to celebrate, than with a little Garnish!  We have a variety of products that are perfect for baking.  Today is all about the loaf pan

You know what makes the small loaf pan even more special?  The fact that it fits perfectly into our small rectangular pint berry box.  Once you are done baking your yummies, put them in the berry box for gifting to someone special.  How perfect is that!

Garnish + Enjoy

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21 March 2012

Sometimes it’s so simple to add a personal touch to your Garnishes.  With some help from the Easter aisle at Target, we turned our ordinary berry baskets into some Easter fun!

We used some glitter paint to personalize these berry baskets, but you can use stamps, stickers or even some markers.  We found a bunch of Easter goodies…how cute are those pinwheels?  And get this, that grass in the baskets is edible!  Garnish is a blank canvas, just waiting for you to use your imagination.

Garnish + Enjoy

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17 February 2012

This is our final experiment with chalkboard paint, and we think it turned out great.  Here we used our to go cups and coffee clutches.



You could paint up a bunch of coffee cuffs and leave them in the cupboard.  When you want to leave a special message for someone, just slide one on.  And being able to put your name on one of our to go cups will never leave you guessing….which one is mine?  You could use some painters tape to create cool shapes for your chalkboard paint, but we choose to leave some rough edges to ours. Remember, this is only a sampling, you’re only limited by your imagination.  Chalkboard paint would work great on any of our paper products…the french fry scoop, our boxes and what about the berry baskets!  Have fun and create some moments!

Garnish + Enjoy

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1 February 2012

Told you we were going to talk hearts this week!  Cookies are always a welcome treat, and when they look like hearts, they are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

We used our glassine bags and some twine to  package up theses yummies.  If you are going to bring a bunch into school or to work (won’t you be popular with a basket of these on your desk!), why not stack them up inside our rectangular berry box.  Heart cookies are definitely a sweet surprise!

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30 November 2011

Here’s the problem…you just got invited last minute for holiday cocktails…what to do?  You know your hosts are already going to receive a dozen bottles of wine, you want to do something different.  Here’s the solution….cookies the Garnish way.

This time of year it’s always good to have a stash of treats and Garnish in the pantry.  We got these delectable cookies at Trader Joe’s…and low and behold, the package fit perfectly into our pint size rectangle berry box (was meant to be, obviously!).  During the holidays season, grocery stores and your local food shops always have a good mix of yummies…and with a little repackaging, they look fab!  Of course, if you have homemade on hand…that’s great too!  We added some felt and holiday ribbon. Now all that is left to do is slip the whole thing into one of our cello bags and you are good to go!


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10 November 2011

Here is a quick and easy gift for giving.  It’s perfect for your child’s teacher, bus driver…or even as a hostess gift.  What about some cocoa to go?

Two of our plastic milk bottles fit inside our small rectangle berry basket.  What could be better?  All you need is some ingredients.  We chose some milk and cocoa mix for this gift, but why not some apple cider and mulling spices?  Then we wrote some simple instructions our oval labels, added some straws and dressed it up with a bit of ribbon.  So easy!

Garnish + Enjoy

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19 October 2011

We can’t even handle how CUTE this birthday party is!  Tessa threw this amazing fete for her son’s third birthday.  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a theme for boys that does not involve trucks, dinosaurs or trains!  We love the idea of this sort of “woodland” theme.  And check out how Tessa Garnished it up…

photo via Nine & Sixteen

Even a 3 year old can have a little “chic” on his birthday.  Tessa used our rectangle berry basketswaxed tissue, no soup for you containers, wooden cutlerypaper straws and round kraft labels.  Check out the full post here.  Amazing party Tessa…can we come next time?

Garnish + Enjoy

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16 September 2011

Why not welcome your guests with their own personalized berry basket!  Perfect for a buffet, a picnic, or you could put one at each place setting.  In fact, you could write just about anything….cheer on your favorite team, or wish a happy holiday!

We filled ours up with some wooden cutlery and a paper straw inside our glassine bag.  We also added a fun can of soda and filled one of our small ripple cups with M&M’s.  The possibilities are endless….maybe some cheese, crackers and fruit, or how about an assortment of munchies for the big game?  Here’s a hint, we used a Sharpie Paint Marker…we found it worked far better than a regular Sharpie.  So…what are you going to fill your baskets with?

Garnish + Enjoy

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