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16 January 2013

It is a dreary, snowy day here in New England….the perfect day to talk soup!  Did you know that January is National Soup Month? We have just what you need at Garnish to make your soups extra special! Here are a few ideas…

Soup is a great dish to serve at your next get together.  You can make (ok…buy) something simple like this tomato bisque, or you can make your grandmother’s famous chicken noodle soup or  secret recipe chili.  You can serve soup as an hors d’oeuvre or part of the main meal.  Here is an example of three Garnish containers that would be perfect for any occasion.  You could use our 4oz ripple cup or geometric dish for small servings, and our no soup for you bowl is perfect for a hearty portion.

We chose to serve this tomato soup with some grilled cheese croutons.  Awesome, right!?  Wish we could take credit, but we found this idea while browsing Pinterest.  And grilled cheese is the perfect accompaniment to tomato soup!

You can also send your guests home with your favorite soups packaged up in our large bio pack.  This soup for two includes two of our no soup for you containers, labelled with our kraft round labels.  We also included some crackers in our glassine bag and two wooden spoons.  All your guests have to do is heat the soup up when they get home and they have a tasty treat.

Don’t forget, January 26th is Soup Swap Day.  Make sure to stock up on our no soup for you containers or contessa containers to package up your special recipes.

Garnish + Enjoy

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31 October 2012

First of all, we want to send out a whole bunch of Garnish good vibes to our friends who had to brave Hurricane Sandy.  We hope you are all safe and sound.  We know there was A LOT of devastation on the east coast and our thoughts are with you :-)

Now, on to something a bit more cheery…and easy to do (we love that!).  It’s tape.  We know…you’re thinking we’ve lost our minds, but the new (or old…we might be late to the tape craze) paper tapes or “washi” tapes are all kinds of awesome.

We know there are some super fun patterns out there, but we found our tape at Target, which also means it was inexpensive.  We loved the simple dots and lines and thought it was perfect for our Garnishes.  We used it on our cutlery and coffee clutch, but you could add it to just about any one of our Garnishes.  How cute would it be to add to our glassine or cello bags with your holiday baking tucked inside? (Did we just say Holiday?  Yep, we’re going there folks!)  What we really like about this tape, is that it peels of easily, so if you screw up putting it on, you don’t damage anything.  Cute and goof proof?  That’s our kind stuff!

Garnish + Enjoy

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17 August 2012

Here is a quick one sent to us by Tanya from Save the Date for Cupcakes.

These mini snow cone cupcakes are adorable!  We have to admit, we were fooled…we thought they were actually mini snow cones.  Tanya used our wooden demi tasse spoons for her creation.

Thanks for sharing Tanya!

Garnish + Enjoy

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20 June 2012

It’s going to be HOT, HOT, HOT in the northeast for the next few days….and that got us thinking, how are we going to cool down?  Well, ice cream of course!

Check our ideas page for all the deets on this fun ice cream exchange.  It’s the perfect thing for those hot summer days.  And what a fun idea for a July 4th party!  It’s definitely a way to add something special to your holiday BBQ.  So get your friends together, and a grab a pint…of ice cream ;)

Garnish + Enjoy

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22 May 2012

If you follow our blog, you might know that we love ice cream (well, and french fries, but not together)!  So when one of our customers shows us how she Garnished her ice cream, we HAD to share!

Tracy, from A Cottage Industry, used our white and our kraft ripple no soup for you containers.  She also used some of our wooden cutlery, along with her craftiness and imagination, to make these ice cream containers extra special.  You can read both of Tracy’s blog posts here and here.  Thanks for sharing!

Garnish + Enjoy

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4 May 2012

Whether you are looking for a party favor, or just want to Garnish the everyday (our favorite!), tea and cookies is always a welcome gift.

We’ve made this one to go…all they need to do is add water.  We’ve included a tea bag and two cookies in our glassine bag.  Attach your treat and a spoon with some twine to our ripple cup.  That’s all you need.  Now, someone special can have a break at the office, or a fun treat when they get home.

Garnish + Enjoy

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30 April 2012

Here are the Mother’s Day ideas that we posted last year.  We thought you would enjoy a little extra inspiration with this Mother’s Day brunch.  Remember, this is also a great idea for a bridal or baby shower, or even just a lovely Sunday afternoon.  Add some mint juleps, and you’ve got a get together for the Kentucky Derby this weekend!

Not Always What It Seems

It’s Got To Be 5 O’Clock Somewhere!

We Heart Moms

Just a note, the free printables that we offered last year with our Mother’s Day promotion are no longer available.  Don’t worry, we will have something fun to offer you in the upcoming weeks!

Garnish + Enjoy

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4 April 2012

We have to say, one of our favorite desserts is chocolate lava cake.  Yummy!  So next time you serve up this delicious treat to your guests…why not add some Garnish?

Our ripple no soup for you containers hold just the right amount of ooey, gooey goodness.  And see that?  That’s our new Say What? stamped cutlery.  The perfect addition to this dessert…dig in!

Garnish + Enjoy

p.s. If you don’t feel like baking, but want to look like you spent hours…check this out. No Pudge! fat free brownie mix.  Yes, that’s right, fat free, but you would never know.  The best part is you can make individual servings in the microwave.  We know, awesome right?  So whether you have six guests or just one (okay, let’s face it, yourself) it’s super easy.  We were not paid in anyway to pitch this product, we just love it!

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13 February 2012

We are inspired by chalkboard paint this week…so we’re going to have some fun ideas to share with you.  Our first idea is super easy, and very quick to do.  What about adding some chalkboard paint to our wooden cutlery?



We painted two coats of chalkboard paint onto these forks.  Then all you need is a little imagination, and we know our Garnish customers have lots of that!  You could write some fun sayings or someone’s name.  And you don’t always have to go for black…chalkboard paint comes in all kinds of fun colors now.  We happened to use the Martha Stewart brand from Michael’s, but most any craft store carries chalkboard paint now.  Here is a tip, if you wet the chalk a bit, it makes it a little smoother to write on the paint.

Garnish + Enjoy

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10 February 2012

How adorable is this cowboy themed birthday party for little Wyatt?  We are seriously in love.  There are so many awesome ideas here, from a photo booth, to yummy treats to fun and games.

photos via Kelly Allison Photography Blog

Garnish is featured at this birthday party in our small ripple cups, cutlery and paper bags.  We are always inspired by our customers’ creativity with their Garnishes, and this cowboy party is no different.  They even made toy horses for everyone to take home…amazing!  Check out Kelly Allison Photography’s blog for all the details…thanks so much for sharing!

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