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A Perfect Bottle

If you're looking for more ways to add a little Garnish, our blog has an abundance of creative goodness for you.

This is the house that love built. It's adorned with all things sugary and sweet. It's the type of place that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. And all who pass by this house are sure to take a second look, and smile.

A bottle of wine or sparkling cider has long been known as the perfect hostess gift. Take this a step further and present the newlyweds with a gift celebrating milestones. Add a little Garnish by dressing it up and presenting it in a unique and creative way. Just like that, the ordinary is extraordinary!

Share your favorite music with your friends and party guests by creating a music CD favor. By adding a little Garnish it will be sure to please the eyes, ears, hearts and souls of everyone.

Children in the kitchen are more popular than ever. Indulge your little sous chef's curiosity and culinary skills with a kids' cookery party. Trust us when we say, if they make it, they will eat it. And have a smashing good time, to boot.

Bring the spa home, celebrate your girlfriends and indulge in a good time. No boys, with their snails and puppy dog tails, allowed. Add a little Garnish and have some fun tonight!

Say "thank you" with a twist. The twist being the package is as appealing as the goodies inside! Who knew it could be so easy to create such stylish gifts?!

February is the month of paper hearts, cupid's arrows, and candy hearts. It is the time of giggles and laughter, paper doiles, and all things red, white and pink. Make it extra special...Garnish is all you need!

1 bunch of good friends - 6 quarts of homemade soup (per person and frozen...soup not person!) - A dash of appetizers and bevie of choice - Gallons of laughter and stories - Yield: A fabulous moment

Kids love to use their hands. Let them squish, mush and squeeze all they want with some play dough of their own. Add a little Garnish and you have a fun and creative party favor!

Welcome a new family to the neighborhood. What nicer way to introduce newcomers to the area than to fill a basket with goodies. Treat someone you know who just welcomed home a new baby or is caring for a loved one.

Create a fun and convenient holiday custom; invite a few friends to a cookie-swap party. Imagine a variety of boxes brimming with tasty confections. Welcome the beginning of a new tradition, Garnish makes it sweet.

As the daylight hours lengthen during the warmer months so does the time we enjoy outdoors. Garnish your dog days of summer with family, friends, laughter and a picnic party in a box.

Is the weather outside getting nippy in your neck of the woods? Instead of fighting Mother Nature, embrace all that she has to offer and gather your family and friends for some quality time.

Weddings and showers are the perfect opportunity to pamper your guests. Tuck a little gift inside one of our adorable favor boxes or slip a place card inside a glassine bag. Garnish makes it memorable!

When you feel like switching it up, think outside the box. Or, in this case, the box itself! We've got the Garnish, you grab your friends.

Send home leftovers in style, and function. So much more fun than a plate covered in tin foil! Cute, fun, and delicious...for the eyes and the appetite. A Garnished fridge. What could be better when hunger strikes?!

Ahhh...Spring is in the air. With it brings a little extra bounce in our step in anticipation of the warmer weather ahead, the grass that will soon return to its luscious state and the laughter of children as they race to fill their Easter baskets with their newly discovered eggs. Garnish has all you need to celebrate Easter and this change of season.

The holidays are all about coming together to share special moments. Gather the little ones and create a special occasion they will never forget. What could be more fun than spending time with your friends and playing with candy?!

Bring a pint or two. Leave with a pint or two. Get your ice cream engines started! Break out the sauces, toppings, whipped cream and more. There's sure to be a crowd for this Garnished gathering.