"Eggs"-Tra Special Easter

Enjoy all things pastel this Easter with your friends and family.  Create an array of Garnishes that will send Peter Cottontail hopping your way.

Holidays and special occasions are all about celebrating those we love.  So show them how much you care with Garnish.


Clear Plastic Tube With Cap (1''x 8'')


Medium Cello Gusset Bag (4"x2.5"x9.5")


Round Clear Container (12 oz)


Translucent Deli Container with Lid (16oz)


White Dip Cup (1oz)


White Rectangle Box (9"x4"x2-3/8")


More Garnishy Ideas

A Perfect Garnish for:

  • Easter Celebration
  • Neighborhood Easter Bunny Party
  • Easter egg hunt party 
  • A unique party idea
  • Any Occasion