If They Make It, They Will Eat It

Thanks to folks like Emeril, Jamie and Rachel, the younger set want to learn to cook. The kitchen is a hands on classroom, filled with math, science, reading and art.  But it's also a playground for the imagination.  Think about celebrating a birthday in the kitchen.  Boys and girls alike will have great fun measuring, mixing, squishing, creating, tasting, enjoying.  Sounds like a perfect way to Garnish such a special day. Moment, baked to perfection.

  • Pasta with homemade sauce and meatballs, corn muffins...delicious and nutritious.
  • Print your receipes and laminate if you can, it can get messy in there.
  • Make it all fun, like Turkey Lurkey Meatballs.
  • Wash hands, adorn aprons, and get cooking.
  • Leave the stove and ovens to the adults, all the rest to the younger set.
  • Prepare an extra large batch of everthing so everyone can bring home a sampling to their families.
  • The goodie bag will have pasta and sauce in the translucent deli containers, corn muffins in the small bio-paks (looking cute in twine), parmasean cheese (freshly grated, or not) in black oval dip cups, and a dessert of your choice in large glassine bags.  Mark them all with clear labels.
  • Everyone will feel an incredible sense of pride tasting and showing off what they made.

Next time the family asks "What's for dinner?", you can defer to your younger chefs.


Black Oval Cup with Lid (1oz)


Brown and White Bakery Twine - sold per foot


Large Glassine Bag (4.75"x6.75")


Small Kraft Take-Out Box (5.25"x4.5"x2.5")


Translucent Deli Container with Lid (32oz)


White Paper Take-out Bag (11"x11"x5.75")


More Garnishy Ideas

Perfect garnish for:

  • Creative children's birthday party
  • Fun playdate activity
  • Get to know your neighbor
  • End of school party
  • A unique party idea
  • Any occassion