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Who doesn't like to curl up with a cup of coffee (or in my case a glass of Diet Coke) and flip through the pages of a magazine? Soaking up the beauty of the pages and inhaling all the inspiration. So we thought...you know, why not?! Why not create a Garnished moment to share with you all. We hope that you enjoy our little e-mag as much as we do putting it all together. So sit back, get nice and comfy, and enjoy!

  • Garnish, Fall 2013
    Fall Issue, 2013
  • Garnish, Summer 2013
    Summer Issue, 2013
  • Garnish, Spring 2013
    Spring Issue, 2013
  • Garnish, Holiday 2012
    Holiday/Every Day Issue, 2012
  • Garnish, Summer 2012
    Summer Issue, 2012
  • Garnish, Spring 2012
    Spring Issue, 2012