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What are Foodadz you ask. It's quite simple...dohickeys, gizmos, doodads...tools for food. You could call them cutlery packs but when you put this amount of quality (we're talking linen-like napkins), style (let's face it, it's all about the packaging) and fun (wait until you see the ah-has and ha-has) a simple name or label just won't do. So welcome, Foodadz!

How does your Garnish grow? With nostalgia and fun and sweet berry boxes all lined in a row. THE RECTANGULAR PINT SIZE BERRY BASKETS ARE THE ONES AS SEEN IN AUGUST 2012 SOUTHERN LIVING.

These easy-to-use plastic bottles are ideal for any kind of liquid, from oils and sauces to paints and potions. Their small size is perfect for the individual portions of frosting for a gingerbread house party.

Sometimes we want to blend in with the crowd. Other times, we prefer to shout from the rooftops and make our presence known. Or perhaps, all that is needed is our disposable wooden cutlery to make a simple, yet bold, statement.

Well bowl me over! You won't believe what these little gems are made of. Not only are they super cute and fun. They're great for the environment too. Seriously. Now get back up and check 'em out! Click on the products to see all the details.

The versatility and look of these "soup" containers is amazing. Tote some chicken noodle soup to help tame your friend’s sniffles or fill them with ice cream for your next sundae party.

Rhett Butler may not have given a damn but Garnish sure does! Our gable boxes bring a touch of sophistication to any occasion. And don't let the simplicity fool you.

We first learned of this tidbit from Huey Lewis and the News. Then the characters of Sesame Street chimed in with their two cents. Now it's Garnish's turn to let you know that it is oh so hip, to be square.

Those jingle bells of summer. They bring the children running to the ice cream truck. Looking for cool relief on a hot day. No need for the trucks, Garnish has you covered.

Sippy-de-do-dah, sippy-de-day My oh my what a wonderful way To add a little sparkle, to have a little fun Garnish has the way to get it all done!

Do you love takeout containers as much as we do? Maybe it's the allure of the yummy delicacies inside... or maybe it's just that takeout means we don't have to cook!

A picnic. A friend's house. The hotel room of your wedding guests. With all the possibilities, we're wondering what the final destination will be.

Now you can have the coffee house experience at home... without the tongue-twisting lingo! Our simple white cups hold a generous serving of your favorite hot and cold thirst-quenchers.

coffee klatch - n : A casual social gathering for coffee and conversation Sounds like a perfect moment to us!

There is a time and a place for your ball gowns and formal attire. But, if you're like us, more often than not, those great jeans and perfect tee fit the bill. PLEASE NOTE - AS TWINE IS MEASURED TO ORDER IT IS NON-REFUNDABLE AS PER OUR RETURN POLICY

Cross our heart and kiss our elbows, everything is better in a box. Those famous blue ones may contain diamonds, but ours contain endless possibilities.

At Garnish we love the Barefoot Contessa, aka Ina Garten. She has a knack for packaging up or wrapping up all of her yummies in simple ways, with simple tools, and making it all look chic.

You won't leave much to the imagination when you use our clear acetate box. When you want the beauty of the contents to shine through, these are perfect. How cute would a favor table be when filled with these boxes containing adorable cupcakes?

If you have picky foods or picky eaters you'll want these food picks. They're perfect for those cocktail franks that everyone loves. And the knotted ones put the fun in function and are great for tall sandwiches.

Our favorite childhood hero was the Candyman. How can you not love someone who could make the sun shine while covering it in chocolate?

You will welcome our cellophane bags into your home with open arms. Add a stack of cookies or some chocolate pretzels for a little gift with flair. There is even one especially for cupcakes!

Mmmm... fish and chips, lobster rolls, chicken fingers and fries. What memories come to mind? Sharing good meals with good friends? Now you can bring a little of that nostalgia home with our paper chipboard trays.

No longer reserved for the conference room, these beverage containers perfectly combine style and function. Set up a hot chocolate bar or beverage center, add some cups and lids and let your guests help themselves.

You don't need to be a sommelier to know that a bottle of wine makes an excellent gift for any occasion. And you don't need to be a toddler to remember that the packaging is half the fun!

Go ahead, bake my day... or not! Who says baking cups are just for baking? Why not fill them with truffles or cookies or nuts. Or let them eat quiche!

Celebrities know that when they attend special events it's all about the swag. That’s Hollywood speak for gift bags... and you don’t have to be a celeb to love them. Have the birthday boy or girl decorate the paper take out bags for each of their guests. The tie top closure lined paper bag holds everything securely. However you use them, great style is in the bag!

Like window sheers delicately shade a window, our glassine bags subtly hide what is waiting inside. With three sizes to choose from you'll find the perfect garnish for any party favor, from note cards to sweet treats.

What could be easier and more enjoyable than sharing some of your favorite music with friends? Music adds great background noise to everyone's laughter and conversation.

Think bamboo and you just might think of cute pandas. But in the Garnish world, we think bamboo and we think fun, unique and creative pieces for fabulous moments. You want to be sassy and you want your presentation to be sassy too. This is a flair you'll want to catch.

Love to bake? Love bringing a smile to a face with Grandma Betty's infamous chocolate bread? Wonder if you'll ever see that dish again? If the answer is yes then you need our oven-ready, disposable paper loaf pans.

Let's face it, everything tastes better with a little dip, and if kids can dip it they'll most likely eat it! Our handy single-serve containers put an end to double dipping citations.

The first thing our paper cone cups will have you thinking of is sweet crunchy flavored ice. The next thing you’ll think of is how much fun you’ll have using these in so many different ways.

At Garnish we're always on the hunt for multi-use products. These clamshell containers fit the bill perfectly. The large containers are ideal for packing up picnic and tailgate munchies, supplies, cakes and pies.

Who says a lunch bag is just for your pb&j?! Now you can give the phrase "brown bagging it" a whole new meaning. Our mini white and kraft paper bags are perfect for party favors.

Take a little tissue, add a little twine, put it all together and what do you find? A smile, a gasp, an embrace, a cheer. It's all so simple, it's all so clear.

Don't leave the guesswork to your guests. No need to match lipstick marks to decipher whose cup is whose. Use our labels to shed some light on what is what.

We've garnished your Garnish for you in our new line of stamped cutlery. Fun sayings plus fun colors are perfect for any occasion. Let the cutlery speak for you! A little different than our "blank canvas" products - these are all sold in sets of 10.

Clearly the success of any gathering hinges on being surrounded by good friends, inviting conversation and bellies of laughs. It sure doesn't hurt, though, to add a little garnish with these hinged containers.

Even your sweet sentiments need a little Garnish! These liitle beauties will spruce up a gift card or simply trace a credit card on cute paper, trim and you're all set to garnish your Garnish.