Small Kraft Take-Out Box (5.25"x4.5"x2.5")


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Do you love takeout containers as much as we do? Maybe it's the allure of the yummy delicacies inside... or maybe it's just that takeout means we don't have to cook! Now, Garnish makes it easy to enjoy these funky takeout boxes every day. Sure, they're perfect for serving up Tuesday night's spaghetti Bolognese. But don't limit yourself to pasta. They're also great for holding birthday party treats, a make-your-own kids' meal, baked goods - really, the uses are about as endless as those Chinese food takeout menus!

A note about these containers.They are made using a bleach-free "element-chlorine free"process. Therefore they're not only attractive and functional but also are an environmentally 'green' option. Features include: microwaveable yet vented, leak proof (unless you turn it totally upside down), stackable and FDA approved for food safe.