Dessert the final touch to a dinner that makes you feel like the day ended on a P.E.R.F.C.T note no matter how stressful it was in reality!

While there are different types of desserts out there, the good-old custard never fails to make a fantastic impression. The creamy texture of a well-made custard makes it impossible to stop at only one serving! This classic and easy dessert is always a crowd-pleaser without a doubt.

Another beautiful dessert that’s really popular, particularly in Germany, is Bavarian cream. The delicious cream usually comes in a vanilla flavor, but you can also use coffee or chocolate flavor if you want.

Bavarian cream vs custard, which one would you prefer for your next dinner party? Before you make that decision, let’s get to know these items better first!

What Is Bavarian Cream?

What Is Bavarian Cream?

Bavarian cream is basically a dessert item that has originated in Germany. It’s also known as “Crème Bavaria” or “Bavaria”.

A traditional Bavarian cream comes in vanilla flavor with an off-white appearance. It has great similarities to pastry creams. In fact, both of these items have similar ingredients and preparation methods! Bavarian cream just contains 2 additional ingredients (Gelatin, Whipped Cream) that sets it apart from a pastry cream.

Depending on your preference, you can eat Bavarian cream as a stand-alone dessert. However, typically, it’s molded to act as a filling of another great dessert to enhance its taste.

Characteristics Of Bavarian Cream

Characteristics Of Bavarian Cream


Bavarian cream is made of heavy double cream, whipping cream, milk, vanilla bean, sugar, eggs, etc. The main ingredient that makes the whole dessert form a beautiful shape is gelatin.

The milk in this recipe needs to be whole milk or at least 2% milk.And the gelatin should be unflavored to get the best result. For garnishing, you may use strawberry, raspberry sauce or lemon.


Bavarian cream is a very light dessert that has a similar recipe to a vanilla pastry cream. Once you are done making the pastry cream, it is lightened with whipping cream. The gelatin is then added to set the dessert. After you are done preparing the dessert, it needs to be poured into a mold for getting set.

Storage Process

Bavarian cream tastes best when it’s eaten on the same day it’s made. The dessert can be kept in a refrigerator for several hours to a few days. But the taste decreases day by day. This dessert has a short shelf life and can’t be kept outside of the refrigerator for a long time.


Bavarian cream can be eaten as a stand-alone dessert (a mousse, for instance).In addition, you can also use it as a filling item for cupcakes, cakes, donuts, eclairs, etc.


Short Lifespan

Bavarian cream has an extremely short lifespan. It must be kept chilled all the time to keep its shape and taste intact. Even then, this dessert item should be eaten within a few days at most.

What Is Custard?

What Is Custard?

Custard is a dessert item that’s made with milk, egg and various other ingredients.

Custard has a thick, creamy texture that might be sweet or savory in taste. Depending on what type of recipe you are following along, the custard may be thickened with eggs alone. However, some recipes use other ingredients such as gelatin, cornstarch, flour, tapioca or potato starch as the thickening agent.

There are different types of custards available out there and you can make them using various methods as well. For instance, a Cheesecake is one type of custard and so is Zabaglione or Bavarian Cream. However, the first one is baked while the next ones are stirred instead.

Characteristics Of Custard


There are 2 different types of custards available: Sweet and Savory.

Most of the people are acquainted with the sweet variations. Some of the examples are Caramel Custard, Fruit Trifle, Cream Pie, Egg Tart, Meringue Pie, etc. The savory custards include Mushroom and Cheese Custard, Cauliflower Custard, Broccoli Custard, etc.

Cooking Process

Depending on what type of custard you are making, you can cook this dessert in a double-boiler or heat it gently on the stovetop. You can also bake items like Cheesecake, Egg Custard, Decadent Chocolate Custard in the oven. Some desserts are cooked in a water bath while others can be baked in even a pressure cooker.


Custard contains a lot of protein. For this reason, it needs to be refrigerated for storage.

To keep its taste intact for the longest time, first, it needs to be cooled off and covered with plastic wrap. Depending on what type of custard you have made, you can keep the custard in a fridge for up to 3 days.


Weight Gain

This goes without saying that, the custard is a dessert item that can be contributed to your weight gain if consumed regularly. Along with extra energy, custard feeds your body with extra fat and sugar which you don’t want. It can even lead to increased risk of heart disease if not eaten on a balanced amount.

Custard Vs Bavarian Cream– Head To Head Comparison

Custard Vs Bavarian Cream


The main difference between Bavarian cream and custard lies in their ingredients!

Bavarian cream is actually one kind of custard. Typical custards are made of milk, eggs and sugar. Bavarian cream is a custard-based dessert that uses whipping cream to lighten up its texture.

Another small difference is in its setting compound. Custards usually require cornstarch to set while Bavarian cream uses gelatin to set the dessert.


The taste between custards and Bavarian cream is slightly different.

The regular custards usually come with a vanilla-like flavor that feels light and airy on your mouth. Bavarian cream, on the other hand, has a whip-cream like sweetness that has a creamier texture in it.

Cooking Process

Depending on what type of custard you are making, it should be cooked gently, at a low temperature. As the egg is one of the main components of making custard, too much temperature makes the egg curdle and ruin its texture. A crème Brulee, for instance, can be cooked in an oven at 300-Degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Bavarian cream, on the other hand, is a gelatin-based food that can be cooked in different ways. You can either make it in an uncooked way by mixing certain ingredients and combine them all when the gelatin is bloomed.

Or you can use medium-high heat to cook the egg mixture first and stir constantly until the temperature reaches 180-Degrees Fahrenheit. Once this mixture is cooked, you can add the rest of the ingredients and pour it into a mold to set properly.


Most of the custards are eaten as a standalone dessert. Both sweet and savory desserts can be consumed as it is. However, some types of custards can be used as a top layer in a gratin, a base for dessert or even as a dessert sauce.

Bavarian cream can also be used as desserts. However, often people like to use them as a filling for cream puffs, eclairs, pastries or donuts instead of pastry cream.

Bottom Line – Which One To Go For?

The answer totally depends on your tastebud!

As Bavarian Cream is a custard-based dessert, you can expect to get some similarities to the traditional custard flavor. However, because of its additional whipping cream and gelatin ingredients, the dish tastes a bit different and gives you a unique experience to enjoy at the dinner table!

Both custard and Bavarian cream are delicious and a treat to the mouth. Now that you know all the details, you can be the judge and tell us who wins in the Bavarian cream vs custard battleaccording to your preference!

Let us know and don’t forget to garnish these desserts with slices of fruit or a sauce on the side to make them look fancy and add a sweet zing to them.

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