Be it for fun or a living, cake making skill requires some good resources and expert knowledge to make your sweet dreams come into reality!

From finding out delicious cake recipes to trying out different frosting and, you need a proper guideline to level up your baking game, right?

And what better way to satisfy your sugary craving than an informative and inspirational cake magazine?

Yep! Today, we are going to discuss the top 5 cake magazines that you should follow in 2021 to meet the expectation of your crafty and creative mind!

Each of these magazines fetches you the latest scoop on the cake industry and helps unlock the future-baker inside you.

Top 5 Cake Magazines To Follow In 2021

top 5 Cake Magazines

There are so many cake magazines out there that you can follow. Here we are only mentioning the top 5 magazines that we think deserve your attention!

1. Cakes & Sugar craft Magazine

Cake & Sugar craft is published by Squires Kitchen Magazine, which is a subsidiary of B. Dutton Publishing Ltd. The magazine is printed quarterly.

The magazine is packed with inspiration and information for cake lovers all over the world. In each edition, you will find at least 20 cake decorating techniques to wow your friends and family! The techniques are described by some of the leading bakers in the industry.

Along with decoration tips, you will find cookies, cupcakes and other food tutorials, product updates and book reviews. By reading this magazine you will be able to keep up with the modern trends and styles. The magazine also offers exciting giveaways to keep the readers entertained!

What We Love About It

The best part about this magazine is that you can follow the contents even if you are new to the bakery world! The magazine is designed to make it enjoyable for everyone including fresh beginners and pro-level cooks.

2. Cake Masters Magazine

Cake Masters Magazine

Cake Masters is one of the largest cake-decorating publications in the world. The magazine has retail stores in the UK, USA, Ireland and South Africa. It’s printed on monthly basis and delivered to over 80 countries directly.

One of the main targets of Cake Masters is to engage its readers in various fun activities. To fulfill that purpose, the magazine includes lots of big projects and tutorials and encourages the readers to try them on.

Along with posting informative content on the magazine, Cake Masters is also very much active on social media to interact with its viewers. Through regular posts and FB live, the magazine hosts a various competition and offer a lot of rewards to inspire the readers into the world of bakery.

What We Love About It

Cake Masters features exclusive interviews of celebrity chefs about their life journey and share their experiences. These interviews help encourage the readers to take up baking as a full-time career option.

3. American Cake Decorating Magazine

American Cake Decorating Magazine

American Cake Decorating Magazine is the number 1 cake decorating magazine in North America. The president of the magazine “Grace McNamara” is a huge cake enthusiastic who is always on the search for creativity in the cake decorating community.

For over 25 years, American Cake Decorating Magazine has been providing its readers with the latest information on trends, new techniques and styling ideas. With each published issue, you will get to read about some of the best artists in the world and learn some exclusive tips and tricks from them.

What We Love About It

The beautiful illustration on every page of this magazine is very much eye-catching. The come-alive cake photos, mouthwatering recipes and gorgeous detailing make it a joy to read even for young readers.

4. Cake Geek Magazine

Want updates from the cake world, yet don’t have the money to pay the subscription bill?

Here’s a free resource for you guys called “Cake Geek Magazine”!

Cake Geek Magazine an online magazine that’s dedicated to encouraging cake enthusiasts to learn the art of cake making for free. From creating the perfect rose petal for wedding cake decorations to giving a shortcut recipe of the Rudolph cake for the holidays, Cake Geek covers all the corners for you guys!

Along with cake tutorials, this online magazine provides you with chocolate recipes, cake frosting and fillings techniques, sugar craft tips, etc. You can follow the magazine’s social media to get the latest news and updates.

What We Love About It

Cake Geek makes it look like anybody can bake! The tutorials are explained in easy ways so that everyone can understand. Here, you get recipes of different types of cakes as well as other related tutorials, news and other useful things to make your own dream business.

5. Cake Craft Guides Magazine

Cake Craft Guides Magazine

If you are particularly looking for cake magazines that only cover cakes for big occasions, then consider “Cake Craft Guides” as your best friend!

This magazine gets published only 4 times a year. Two of those magazines are regarding wedding cakes and sugar flowers while the other two are about party cakes.

Sugar decoration is a critical issue for big occasions and Cake Craft Guides does a good job explaining all the tricks well. Even the complicated wedding cake designs become pretty easy to understand if you follow its clear instruction and step-by-step photographs.

What We Love About It

The good side of this magazine is that it gives you a detailed description of the things that you need to make the cakes. From the ingredient name to what tools you should use, Cake Craft Guide has got you covered from all sides!

People Who Get Benefited From Reading Cake Magazines

Benefited From Reading Cake Magazines

Professional Baker

Are you a professional baker looking for a way to up your skill levels?

A cake magazine has everything you need under one book!

From step-by-step tutorials to create the ideal wedding cake to in-depth research of the latest industry, you will find everything you need to know in these magazines. By following the tips and tricks shared by the celebrity bakers, you can take your business to a more pro-level quite easily.


Cake magazines aren’t only for the professionals either!

Even if you are a total newbie in the cake world, you will still find lots of inspirations to get started.

There are always some articles written by professional bakers that are meant for the absolute beginners. To help you understand every step of the instructions, the tutorials are often beautifully photographed with easy-to-follow notes

Food Vlogger/Blogger

Food Vlogger/Blogger

If you are a food vlogger/blogger, then you are always in constant need of new ideas and inspiration. And that’s where cake magazines can help you immensely!

Filled with creative ideas and tutorials from famous chefs all around the world, every month the magazines will give you new contents to focus on. You can get ideas about the latest decorating trends and do DIY videos on them just by following the magazine’s recipes.

Enthusiastic Children 

Baking is an art.

And if you introduce your kid to the art of cake making at a young age, chances are, they will get interested and might take this up as a full-time profession one day!

There are other positive aspects of letting the kids read cake magazines. The colorful illustrations, gorgeous designs and detailing make it a joy for the young kids to read together with their parents. Children also grasp the concept of baking pretty quickly and might even want to show off their knowledge when they go to school. Sounds amazing, huh?

Final Words

Making cakes isn’t considered a form of art yet. Still, you can definitely express your inner feelings by taking it up as a hobby anytime your mood strikes!

In this article, we have come up with the top 5 cake magazines that you should follow in 2021 to make every occasion feel special this year. Hopefully, these magazines will help discover your inner talent and inspire you to whip up delicious treats in the upcoming months!

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