Camera Accessories for DLSR and Vlogging

Today we’re gonna go over my top set seven photography accessories that I cannot live without. One of the most important accessories that I have in my entire photography kit (and it’s actually not a real photography item), but trust me it’s gonna save you from a lot of fights with your significant other when you’re taking up all the outlets in the house.  Charging up the batteries for your flashes, your cameras, and other accessories can take up a lot of time and power.

Trust me on this one – get yourself a charging station. My favorite one has about 12 different power outlets and it has six USB ports so get one and save yourself some time and energy. My favorite one right here allows you to basically charge everything all in one spot so you can just plug everything in and let it sit there overnight, and everything’s gonna be nicely charged in the morning. You don’t got to run around the house looking around and and plugging everything in. Trust me, get yourself one of these charging stations. I think every photographer and videographer needs a charging station.

The second most important photography accessory that I have is a LaCie hard drive. The 2 terabyte version runs for about 110 dollars this one is USB C, and the reason why I have one of these is that I have a top-of-the-line computer. I have an alientware PC with a terabyte hard drive and it’s actually super fast. The reason why I use these is because I’d rather have that memory in my computer empty. This means that I can store all of my photos on my external hard drive, and save space for other important things on my computer.  I’ve never had any problems with these hard drives, they’re pretty rugged so if you don’t have an external hard drive and your editing off your computer’s SSD that’s fine, but just know that you can save that space and keep your computer running better and faster by using these hard drives.

Camera accessory number three is a camera side strap. These detach from the camera and make your life a whole lot easier. I don’t shoot with the strap on my body, what I do is I walk around  with the strap on the camera, and when I’m when I plop down to shoot what I’ll do is quickly detach my camera, because it has a quick-release setup. BAM now I have my camera ready to go and I can get on the ground or do whatever I want without any strap which is super convenient. When I’m ready to go to the next location I quickly attach my camera strap to my camera and I’m good to go. It’s extremely fast and easy. I really really like the peak design camera strap, I don’t know if there’s other ones out there that detach from the camera, but I think that getting a camera strap that detaches from your camera so you can just put it on a tripod is awesome. You’re free to do whatever you want with it. Sometimes camera straps get in the way, so it’s nice to just be able to just throw the camera strap in the camera bag and shoot. This is definitely something I think photographers can really benefit from.


The next thing to think about is editing. I’ve been editing with the MX master mouse for a long time now. I love this mouse, and what happened is that I got carpal tunnel because I’m editing so much for YouTube and other streaming websites. Editing videos and photos gave me carpal tunnel so I cannot use a regular mouse anymore. Before you get to that point just prevent that from happening cause it’s terrible.

Another thing to think about is picking up a vlogging camera with flip screen. These cameras are awesome for vlogging on the go and really help out. If you’re considering picking up vlogging cameras with flip screen then be sure to check out our guide.

The next thing I recommend is to get yourself a Wacom tablet, the small version is the best. The reason why I got the small version is because I’m usually not at home editing, I’m usually out and about editing with my laptop, so I got the small version because it’s nice and portable and fits right in the inside sleeve of my camera bag next to my laptop. This thing has been a lifesaver and it’s very pleasant to edit with a pen. I still prefer it editing with a mouse because I’m faster but I think that with time I’ll get better.

If you edit at home I’d probably recommend getting the medium-sized one because it’s kind of hard working with the small, and when you’re working on the edges your wrist is kind of off the off the tablet. It’s kind of a pain in the butt sometimes, but carpal tunnel is no joke, it really takes a long time for it to get better. So, get yourself a Wacom tablet since they’re super easy to use and the cheap. The one I use is only about a hundred dollars and is definitely one of my most important accessories because without this I probably couldn’t even edit anything.

The last thing I recommend is finding yourself a good backpack or carrying bag. This will make your life so much easier, especially if you are on the go a lot. This is especially true if you do any sort of outdoor video capture or photography, as it’s nice to be able to pack up and go in a hurry. This will also keep your camera and other equipment safe from weather and environmental damage.

I recommend making sure that the bag or carrying case is water resistant, as I have actually lost one of my favorite DLSR cameras to water damage from a rain storm in the past.

These are my top picks for making the best of your camera equipment and making your life easier. I hope this helps you to enjoy your photography hobby or business even more!