History of Cameras

  The history of cameras is very much linked to the historical development of photography. Probably the oldest predecessor of the camera is the Camera obscura, which was already successfully used by Leonardo da Vinci. The camera obscura was initially a darkened room with a small hole. The size of the sight hole played a …

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Vintage Camera Guide

If only time travel machines existed and we could go back to the days of vintage photography and vintage cameras! However, there is something that sort of makes up for it all. Nothing brings the scent of the past as much as antique materials—and vintage cameras are some of the most marvelous pieces that gush …

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Cameras For Beginners

Best Cameras For Beginning Photographers In case you’re new to photography and are searching for your first camera, the extensive variety of accessible models can be overwhelming. If you need to update your photographic capacities without getting excessively confused then check out our picks for the best DSLR cameras for apprentices. We should start off …

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Which Camera Do I Need?

Picking a camera can be difficult, especially when there are so many different choices on the market. Today I will be listing some of the more common, and even less common, choices of cameras. Compact Cameras Compact cameras are some of the most popular cameras on the market. This is due to their small size, …

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What Cameras Do Youtubers Use?

  Cameras That YouTubers Use   In the past couple of years, we have welcomed a barrage of new cameras for YouTube video bloggers that are equipped with all the best technology to make video recording a success. Almost all major manufacturers are constantly implementing newer forms technology every day. Perhaps most impressively, technology has …

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