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Serving the turkey on a platter gracefully is an art!

No doubt about it!

And…… Turkey is the main show stopper on the thanksgiving dining table. So no matter how moist & tender your dish is, decorating the platter with creativity can make a big difference to make the guest in awe.

But you know what the main secret sauce is?


And the best part is you don’t need any fancy decorating stuff. The natural herbs and fruits uplift the beauty of any platter.

So, how to garnish a turkey platter?

Here is my preparation & plans for decorating the turkey platter for the best holiday feast this year.

First……the Preparation

What do you garnish a turkey with?

That’s the question that pops up at your mind first, right?

There are many items you can choose to garnish a turkey. Here is what I use to decorate the platter:

1. Instruments:

Turkey Platter
  • A washed turkey platter.
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Knife

2. Vegetables:

  • Kale or curly endives
  • Fresh sage
  • Fresh parsley.
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Lemon. Peppers

3. Fruits

  • Grapes
  • Cranberries

Know How to Garnish a Turkey Platter & Design a Seamless Thanksgiving Celebration

How to Garnish a Turkey

As this guide is for newbies (like me), I’m gonna divide it in 2 steps. First, decorate the platter & then place the turkey & give the final touch.

Sounds fun?

Let’s get started!

Decorating the Platters

This part is actually for decorating the platter using fruits and herbs.

  • First, select a plain dry surface to lay your clean turkey platter. Then, rinse and separate the endive and kale leaves. Plus, make those leaves completely dry. Keep those clean leaves around your turkey platters. Therefore, the platter’s top will be covered. Place those leaves; hence the curly sides have a distance from the center.
  • After that, we have to rinse and then separate some rosemary, parsley, and fresh sage. Place your preferred small bunches on top of the endive or kale base. If those herbs face the opposite side of the center, hopefully, it looks great.
  • In this step, you need to take a vegetable peeler, peel one orange and lemon, and then create curly rind strips. Now, place those curly orange and lemon peels evenly on the herbs.
  • Now, take the second lemon and orange and cut it to give it a wheel shape. Then, make two or three groups and place next to the curly rinds on the herbs.
  • In the meantime, take two grape bunches having 4 or 5 grapes and keep those aside. Again, take some cranberries, like 10 to 15, and place those around the platter as your choice.
  • Again, you need to take some hot peppers and trim them to make them attractive. Then, place those peppers on that platter.
  • After finishing the decoration, cover the platter using a plastic cover and keep it in the fridge until served.

It’s Time to Place the Turkey

It’s Time to Place the Turkey

ok,,,,I know what you’re thinking, what’s a big deal placing the turkey on the platter.

Well, with just a simple mistake, your whole effort may turn into trash.

I guess, you don’t want that either….

So How do you serve a turkey on a platter?

Garnishing a turkey platter isn’t complex if you know the right process. so let’s head up to the process.

  • When your turkey is ready to serve, take the platter from the refrigerator. And, keep the turkey in a cool place for 15 to 20 minutes after taking it from the oven. Waited 20 minutes? Just uncover your designed platter and place the turkey in the center.
  • Now, take those grape bunches and place those on each side of the turkey. Then, arrange some colorful fruits nicely on each side of the turkey. If you need, then take more herbs and fruits. Also, remove those redundant items from the platters. If you want to increase present beauty, then sprinkle some parsley leaves on the turkey.
  • Once you go through the above process, carry the platter to the dinner table and place it in the center.

How Big of a Platter do You Need for Turkey? And what is the Best Knife to Carve a Turkey?

How Big of a Platter do You Need for Turkey

Cooked turkey demands a medium-size platter to place.

So, the question is, how is the size?

Well, you can choose the platter, which is 16 inches. That size is hopefully ideal for placing the turkey and other items to decorate.

Here is another deal:

You can’t efficiently cut a turkey using any knife.

A piece of advice that can make a hugeeeee difference:

Use a slicing knife or a boning knife for thanksgiving turkey & see the result. That knife is flexible, small, and sharp, hence making the cutting around bones easier. Moreover, make sure the length of the slicer is 9 to 11 inches and sharp like a razor.

In a Nutshell…….

It’s easier than you think, right?

But before wrapping up, I want to talk about another fact of perfect thanksgiving platter garnish ideas.

How long should turkey rest before carving?

I would say, Pull out the turkey when the temperature reaches 165 or slightly lower.

The time for resting that turkey depends on the bird’s size. But, the ideal amount is at least 20 minutes. The large size turkey typically demands up to 40 minutes, but it depends on the room temperature.

And -how to garnish a sliced turkey platter? The process is the same; just use the right knife to flawless slice.

I’m also curious- How do you plate a turkey dinner? I would love to see that awesome dish.

After all….sharing is caring, right?

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!

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