Photographers Camera Techniques Guide

Photography Beginners Guide


Taking pictures is now a common practice. Due to the technology we have today, almost everyone has had the opportunity to take photographs, whether it be on a mobile phone, digital camera, or a computer. That does not mean that everyone has the talent of a good photographer. To be a good photographer it requires a lot of practice and experience. If you want to be a good photographer, then the following Photography Beginners Guide will definitely help you become one.


One of the most important things that a new photographer should know is speed. It is very important to take photos very quickly because it has a significant effect on the appearance of the final product. It is very important to take pictures quickly, especially when capturing a moving or falling object. One of the toughest things for photographs are moving shots such as animals and vehicles, so it is important to be quick. While taking fast photos, remember to take as many photos as possible so that you can choose the best image later.


The most common mistake by photographers is that their images are “complete”. A picture “filled with people” will be confusing the audience about what is being addressed. If you want to be a good photographer, try to make the pictures as simple as possible. By keeping the photo simple, distractions can be avoided and objects can be easily seen.

Use The Shutter Properly

Have fun with camera shutter speed settings to capture images in your dynamic form. In general, moving objects should be captured with small shutter speed, unless you want to deliberately blur. Then, when you feel more comfortable with playback settings and other things, you can start experimenting with the right type of lens to complete the speed setting. For example, sports photographers are often seen with big and long lens cameras so that the winning shot can be viewed closely from a distance.

Experiment with shutter speed and change aperture setting. Find creative ways to stabilize the camera during shooting from different angles. Hold the camera closer, or for stability, rest on a stationary object. Take several photos of the same subject or scene to see how the speed of the shutter affect the outcome of the photo. Before taking pictures always focus the shutter button by half-pressing.

Keep Snapping

When using objects like animals and children it can be difficult to control their movements. Just step back and take as many photos as you can, and then review the series of photos. This is a big benefit of digital photography, especially when you’re vlogging: Maximize it! Later, you can look at your shots to find a special photo that attracts your attention. Through continuous practice, your fingers will be more trained to create snapshots at just the right time.


One more thing that pleases photographers and viewers is the view of enlarged photos. Take a aim of the object, then approach the object and take an even closer photo using your zoom. Selecting a large image of the object allows the viewer to see the details of the image in a more transparent and detailed manner. Choose between the two photos taken and see whether it looks best, or you can both post together so that viewers can see the difference. On the subject, try to fill the place around the subject, zoom in as close as possible, just fill the image frame with the subject, you will see the difference between those pictures which you can see from a short distance and those you have zoomed into.

Using Flash

If you are a new photographer, you might think that when it’s dark outside, or when you take pictures inside that you will always need to use the flash, but this is not true. You can face a very common problem of uneven shadow patterns, which will ruin your photos. When you take photos in the sunlight the camera flash and added extra light on this subject will help you. This will help you get rid of these shadows. If you learn to use a light source in addition to natural lighting, whether it is a natural source, such as the sun or an artificial light sources such as a lamp or something else, then you can make the general image more extravagant.

Invest In Books

Read about photography pros because they can teach you more about the techniques they use and it can help you to be motivated by their excellent work. Just having a camera and expensive stuff does not guarantee great pictures; If you have the right technology, you can also take great pictures with a simple smartphone. Photography is an endless journey to explore. There are many different aspects of the industry, such as Portrait, Landscape, Black and White, HDR, etc. When you feel that you have mastered an area, you can do even more research. Not to mention the best photographers are always pushing the boundaries and presenting new ideas and compositions. Always try to get inspiration from the best photographers, you can learn a lot from them.

Follow the Third Rule

Often mentioned in the world of photography, the third rule was actually discovered by Greek artists who owned their own craft. Imagine that the captured scene should be attached to a rectangular shape divided into nine equal parts using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. Now you can make more drama or depth by placing your object at any point where the lines are joined. The correct composition of the image can also be obtained by approaching the object and by eliminating unnecessary elements.

Experiment With Angles

If taken from a different angle at the eye level, the view of the house or room can be more interesting. Try taking a picture from the ground level or climbing on top of a chair for a different perspective. Try tilting the camera from 10 to 45 degrees. If you do not take pictures in the scenario, then a slight tilt adds mobility to your photos.