Vintage Camera Guide

If only time travel machines existed and we could go back to the days of vintage photography and vintage cameras!

However, there is something that sort of makes up for it all. Nothing brings the scent of the past as much as antique materials—and vintage cameras are some of the most marvelous pieces that gush and whisper stories of the past so delicately.

There is a paradox in vintage cameras. It is the camera that helps us capture moments of the present that eventually translates into memories of the past. But when the equipment that helps create memories comes from the past, it is something else.

It might be quite fascinating to hear, but many people out there would do anything to own a vintage camera. Being a collector’s item, a vintage camera helps one see memories through the lens of the past. A famous professional camera hunter from Japan who goes by the name Bellamy Hunt, states that shooting with a vintage camera is to look inside yourself and feel connected to something that’s permanent.

Why do People collect Vintage Cameras?

People have different reasons to collect Vintage Cameras, and here are some of them:

It’s worth it– The monetary value of vintage items is quite astounding. Vintage cameras are highly worthy to own and collect. Their worth ranges from $40 to $10,000 to state it simply. With most of them ranging over a $1000, and some of them are worth more than $10,000 depending on how antique they are.

So, owning a vintage camera is equal to owning any valuable piece of property. Certainly, it’s a fancy and worthy investment to make, and is bound to remain pricey at all times.

Rarity- There is a sense of excitement, thrill, and pride in owning something so rare and precious. If a camera was great during its days, and is not commonly found out there in the current market scenario, then the value of that camera is destined to skyrocket. Owning a rare vintage camera is to create value and prestige.

To Unplug- Unplugging is quite a rare occurrence as of today. More than ever before, we are hooked to our devices and addicted to the momentum of social media. How can we get away from all those filters? How can we get away from the story-telling features of Snapchat? All these social media sites have two sorts of people: those who know the value of a photograph in all its senses, and those who don’t care much about it.

There are a few amongst the younger generation who would love to unplug and capture something original for themselves. This is one of the reasons why SLR and rangefinders are finding a good market among the youngsters now.

To understand history- To many, owning vintage cameras is all about understanding the history of photography, as well as knowing the past in general. As they say, when they own a piece from the past, they find a connection to it.

What are the types of Vintage Cameras?

Appreciatively, the people from the past have been quite creative and have been responsible for inventing some of the most dazzling cameras that are now a collector’s item. These cameras had not only done a great job for its time in terms of their functionality, but they had also looked so majestic that one would not be able to resist the urge to get their hands on them.

Some of the most sought-after and cool vintage cameras are:

1.Box Cameras

These super ancient creations were the game changers back then. These cameras had been created with meniscus lenses that had a concave interior and convex exterior. We all are awing over snapshots today, and are making quite a big deal out of it, yet this was that camera that introduced snapshots. All the amateurs turned into great photographers of their time by getting their hands on this invention.

2.Hasselblad Camera

Being born straight from the history, these cameras have quite the story. Hasselblad cameras were the first consumer cameras that came about during post-war period. After the World War II, Victor Hasselblad wanted to create a camera that would fit perfectly into the hands, and hence he invented this amazing device. In fact, Hasselblad cameras were taken in every NASA mission, also coming to be known as the first camera that landed on the moon.

This is indeed quite a specialty that remain as collector’s favorite over the years.

3.Nikon I

Made in Occupied Japan, Nikon I was a marvelous creation that gained quick popularity back then. And today, it still remains as one of the highly sought after vintage cameras due to its innovative design and its role in news coverage. In fact, most of the Korean War was covered in these cameras, and before anyone knew it, these were on their way to land on the moon. That’s what makes this special.

4.Polaroid Camera

In 1948, Polaroid Cameras entered the market and fascinated everyone. But not as much as when it did so in 1972. It was at this time that people could witness the picture coming into life right in front of their eyes. There was no more any need to wait for long hours for the film to be developed in a lab, rather it could be printed right on the spot. The developed SX-70 took everyone by surprise. That is exactly why it remains a wonderful invention that is demanded to be owned even today.

5.Cannon A1

Released in 1976, these cool cameras were the first to have a thorough automatic setting that controlled shutter speed and aperture based on lighting meter reading. Cannon A1 uses the old FD lens mount and is great for shooting things in the wild.

If you are fascinated by these inventions from the past, with each of them holding a majestic piece of history, then you should definitely consider investing on one. Owning vintage cameras is not merely cool, but also a fuel to one’s passion for art and history.

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