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We are often clueless when it’s time to gift someone something on a special occasion. We feel that way because we care, and we don’t want to settle for anything less to please a friend or a loved one. We begin analyzing and scrutinizing things in our head and narrowing down to something meaningful, something that they can make the most use of in their daily lives.

The year 2020 is the year of a pandemic due to Covid-19 all around the world. Economies are running with their people working from home as much as they can. While it is safer to stay home and save lives, staying at home has also made people’s lives more sedentary. To add to it, we are exploring cooking tutorials because we have time on our hands. You must have come across people lamenting about weight gain while grounded at home. And that is where gifting a personal training session look here comes across as a meaningful idea. Even more so if they are not taking the step themselves and you worry for them.

But how do you plan to gift a training session? Well, here are some tips you can consider as you prepare the gift.


Before you buy a gift card or enroll someone for a training session, it’s pivotal to know if they are ready to embrace it. If you have heard them express interest in getting in shape or complain about their weight, that’s a cue. You can nudge further, adding solutions and ideas in the conversation.


To determine the right training package, you need to be aware of their specific goals as they express in conversations. Their aim may be to lose weight, gain muscles, lose inches, or do isolation regimes. Once you discover their goal, you will decide better if you want to buy a few quality sessions to help them kickstart a healthy lifestyle or weekly classes to put them on a schedule.

It is also great to consider other factors such as personality, current fitness, health status, and regular schedule to gift a personalized package. If you worry about the budget, personal training sessions are relatively costlier than traditional classes.


Try choosing a training session with doable movements if your loved one is new to exercise. They can’t benefit from the workout if they are unable to do it in the first place. Additionally, opt for a fun package to motivate them and pave them toward a more consistent path. For instance, if someone is keen on dancing, Zumba classes can be encouraging for them. Or, if someone is more disciplined by nature, a boot camp regime can fit the bill.


Your loved one can be reluctant and reserved, yet ambitious to achieve their goals. In such a case, you may choose to offer your company by all means. Join them to motivate and encourage their goals. In the process, you’d be doing yourself a favor too. Alternatively, you can also support them on the sidelines and uplift them morally.

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