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The Best Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

The customary sentimental trappings of Valentine’s Day are loaded up with moral and blame prompting landmines.Indeed, even the best smelling roses have their eco-thistles. Substantial utilization of pesticides contrarily impacts the wellbeing of homestead labourers, flower vendors, and fowls, definitely saturating the natural food chain and groundwater.So what are environmentally aware sweethearts expected to do? Here are a couple of gift recommendations that are beneficial for you and the Earth!

Eat locally

A typical dish has a mix of ingredients from five distinct nations. Numerous foods head out over the globe to show up on our dinner plates. Locavores, however, eat foods developed inside their city or ton, for the most part, 100 miles. Eating locally grown foods is an incredible method to help neighbourhood ranchers, decline the fossil fuels used to ship foods and source fresher foods.

Wildflower Seeds

Wildflower Seeds

In case you’re searching for a present for your garden lover, seeds are consistently a decent gift — and wildflowers that will help the honey bee populace is a splendid idea. Wildflower seeds are progressively well known as wedding favours, so they’re getting sentimental notoriety.


Look for a local artist who does commission work. If you like their art, talk to them about your significant other and give them an idea of what your intention is. Ensure that you inform them a few weeks prior to valentine’s day. By doing so, you not only support your local artist but also

DIY personal care kit

In case you’re on a careful spending plan, an eco-friendly pack can be a decent choice. However, getting an exhausting canvas sack for shopping doesn’t have the energy of sentiment. This is for the accomplice who truly appreciates a touch of spoiling and self-pampering.

DIY personal care kit


Snack Bags

In the event that you put together your accomplice’s lunch for them when they go to work (or they’ve made a promise to eat increasingly home-pressed dinners to be greener), this little present will make you give it a second thought. Your significant other’s everyday snacks have never looked so adorable.

Staghorn Fern

Nothing says love like live staghorn greenery. Possibly not, however, it’s positively an exceptionally incredible blessing that will improve air quality, look lovely, and requires light watering once every month. It likewise comes in organic soil blend and is mounted on a reused rooftop record, so it has all the green certifications you need. Prompt the “prospering simply like our affection” card.

Staghorn Fern


Valentine’s Day isn’t the most naturally friendly of occasions. Among paper cards sent and got (or, at times, tossed directly in the rubbish), the air-freighted red roses, and the exceptionally non-ecological polyester teddy bears that sell out the country over, and it can appear as, well, somewhat of a trashy occasion. Luckily, be that as it may, these presents for your darling that will support nature while likewise causing their heart to become fonder. From eco-friendly chocolate to getting them a section of land of rainforest, it’s entirely conceivable to have a green Valentine’s Day without giving up sentimental worth.


Get Well Soon

For this post, we were inspired by the Garnishes featured in the January/February 2014 issue of Martha Stewart Living. We combined a couple of the looks to come up with our own gift for someone who is feeling a little under the weather.

We used our two for the road drink carrier to hold a jar of chicken noodle soup on one side, and some hearty bread on the other side. We put the mini baguette into one of our glassine bags tied with some black and white bakers twine. We also used the bakers twine to attach some wooden cutlery to our package.A big thank you to Martha Stewart Living for continuing to show us how you Garnish and for always giving us some inspiration for our own projects!

cup cake

Garnish In Action- Cupcakes And Ice Cream!

How cute is the idea for cupcakes and ice cream? Melissa used our small kraft ripple no soup for you containers for the ice cream. She also used them to hold all the toppings so the girl’s could personalize their own treats. The mini milk jugs are just the right size to hold the ever important sauce. Finally, she made sure the girls had our cute wooden demi tasse spoons so they could enjoy their cupcakes and ice cream to go. Thanks for sharing Melissa, we love to see how you Garnish!


Soup’s On

January 25th is National Soup Swap Day. Are you planning on hosting or participating in a swap? Well if you are, we would like to share a few ideas.If you’re browsing around the Garnish website, be sure to click on OUR IDEAS. There you will find everything you need to know about hosting a Soup Swap. You will even find a free download for the label we used on all of the packaging.Keep checking this space for more fun ideas for Garnish-ing your Soup Swap. In the meantime, stock up on all of the basics, like Contessa containers, no soup for you paper bowls, some of our paper bags, labels and even some bio pack containers or loaf pans, if you want to include some sides.

glitzy glam cocktail

New Years Eve Glam

Did you ever get chance to check out our Spring 2013 issue of Garnish – the magazine? The glitzy glam cocktail party we featured would be perfect for your New Year’s Eve soiree!Black, white and gold…a classic mix. Inside your will find pointers on creating the perfect anitpasti platter, how to mix up some classic cocktails and even a super cute invite that is free for you to download. Cheers to 2014!

Coffe Gift

Coffee Break

We are scurrying around trying to get ready for Christmas…but we always have time for a quick post. And this one is perfect for those last minute gifts. Appropriately…it involves coffee, which you probably feel like you need a whole pot of by now! Have you picked up some of our coffee clutches? They are so much fun.

If you are giving out some coffee gift certificates this holiday (cause..who doesn’t love Starbucks!), why not gift them in our paper coffee cups with a personalized coffee clutch. Whew! That was a mouthful! You can stamp the recipient’s name, add some ribbon or why not have your child draw a picture on their teacher’s coffee clutch. There are so many possibilities, and we promise, they will be quick and easy!

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